Can’t stick to your diet?

Can’t stick to your diet?

Even with the most consistent of us, there are days and circumstances that simply make adhering to our plan uniquely challenging: travel, out of groceries, hungover, etc. I’ve been there, and must admit, it’s easy to say “screw it”.  Sometimes we can simply get sick of dieting – me too, but there’s a solution that doesn’t sacrifice our progress.


‘Intuitive Eating’ is a practice we are beginning to master, by focusing on a couple tactics we can lead you on a path to be more mindful, not restrictive, of the dietary decisions you make. Some days you simply can’t stick to your diet – when that happens, this is exactly what I want you to include at each meal regardless of what else you consume with it.

3 Tactics to Include at Each Meal

  1. 24 ounces of water
    1. Carry around the LARGEST bottle of water possible.
    2. 40-ounce Canteen is a good option if a camel back doesn’t work well with your suit ?
    3. Dehydration leads to impaired cognitive and physical function.

  2. 25g of protein (select any of the following)
    1. Whole Eggs & Egg Whites
    2. Chicken or Turkey
    3. Beef or Dairy
    4. Fish
    5. Quinoa (21g of protein per ½ cup or 100g)
    6. Seitan
    7. Tofu

  3. 10-12 grams of fiber (select any of the following)
    1. Fruit:
      1. Avocados (~10.5g per cup sliced)
      2. Berries (~8g of fiber per cup)
      3. Coconut (~7.2g per cup)
      4. Figs (1g per 1 fig), limit to 5 figs
    2.  Vegetables:
      1. Artichokes (10.3 g per medium artichoke)
      2. Peas (8.6 grams per cooked cup; majority insoluble fiber)
      3. Brussels Sprouts (7.6 grams of fiber per cup, near balance of soluble and insoluble fiber)
    3. Beans and Legumes:
      1. Black Beans (12.2 grams per cup)
      2. Chickpeas (8 grams per cup)
      3. Lima Beans (13.2 grams per cup)
    4. Nuts/Grains/Seeds:
      1. Almonds (4.25 grams per ¼ cup)
    5. Fiber Supplements: in the event, you cannot get from Whole Foods
      1. Psyllium Husk
      2. Organic Triple Fiber
      3. Super Seed – beyond fiber
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