Workplace Wellness: What Employees Want from Corporate Wellness Programs in 2019

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Corporate Wellness Programs are booming as a fundamental tool for organizations to attract and retain the best talent.  It’s clear, professionals seek meaningful jobs with companies that are socially responsible, offer flexible work environments and have weekly health & wellness oriented offerings through a corporate wellness program. When spending upwards of 25% of their week in the office, it makes sense that they want the best community experience. Above all, they seek a meaningful connection to the company and the people that work there.


Where Wellness Programs Often Fall Short

There’s a common misconception about corporate wellness programs that has spread rampantly in this booming health and wellness sector. If you go to any of these status-quo corporate wellness program companies, they all promise the same things… that actually don’t really work.


Their efforts are varied:

  • Solely health focused, often on disease prevention and smoking cessation
  • Solely fitness focused, missing the mental and community aspects
  • Sell you a stack of wellness apps or piecemeal solution with no real cohesive program
  • So many elements, except the ones you need
  • Incentive based
  • No connection to company mission, values, and culture
  • Based on a portal as a solution rather than human interaction

….and the list goes on!


They also claim to boost employee productivity and employee morale, but these are quite often just promises that fall short in delivery and effectiveness.

It’s also not about ping-pong tables, nap pods, and LEGO stations. Half of the time, no one is using those. They have work to do!

So… what’s the deal then? The trick is implementing the right Wellness Program that works for your company culture, and focuses on employee experience rather than health metrics.


What Should be at the Center of a Corporate Wellness Program

  • Individual focus: human-to-human interaction and coaching
  • Environments that work: quick, effective health & wellness classes, meditations, massages, and community challenges
  • Community oriented: strategic philanthropy programs that make employees feel like they’re making an impact in their community
  • Alignment with company mission and values: infusing the two is a fundamental element of workplace culture
  • Solutions that work: interactive, all-in-one apps, and websites that make it easy for employees to interact and participate in what they want


How do you know this works, you ask? Well… here’s my story. I embarked on a quest to build a great wellness program from scratch in 2017. As a busy office manager, receptionist, and wellness program director, I had my hands full, and I needed solutions to help me run the program as efficiently as possible. At first, I identified a few solutions that made my life easier:

  • Crafty: Full-service healthy kitchen and event management
  • Limitless Coffee: delicious, local, toxin free, energizing coffee
  • Kitchfix: gluten free, dairy free, catering for meetings made easy
  • ShyTown Fitness: a fitness program that amped up physical fitness

These were all great solutions, but I needed something that brought it all into one-focused solution that gave me precious time back to focus on our expanding business.

I couldn’t find it.  So… we decided to build it ourselves.


Finally, a Corporate Wellness Program that WORKS!

hiitide is a full-service wellness program provider that makes corporate wellness easy. We work with you to ensure that your workforce is happy, healthy, and high performing, so that your business can thrive.

Let’s get real. We know that we’re not for everyone, particularly if your primary goal is lowering insurance premiums with your carrier, if you want an insurance marketplace for your employees, or any other transactional services. We know the health transformations that we assist over time invariably lead to improved health outcomes, but biometric data is just one, limited, element of health that we aim to improve. 


Where we shine:

  • We built our own, interactive app for employees to take full advantage, that contains customized workout plans, meal plans, team challenges, and more.
  • We infuse your company culture into every part of the program, each element is customized for you.
  • We offer full-service wellness program management, built and managed by wellness experts that know what works and want to give back precious time to busy professionals.
  • We have a team of vetted, best in class coaches, trainers, instructors and massage therapists, so you don’t waste time looking for them.
  • We track the right metrics, delivering monthly engagement reports.
  • We are humans! We provide one on one coaching for employees, and we stick around. We don’t sell you a product and say sayonara!

We believe that less is more, so it’s just like that, plain and simple.


If you’re interested in learning more…

Do you see this as a solution for your current wellness program? If you have 20 minutes this week, we’d love to share some of our best practices with you. Click here to schedule a call.  


Cheers to the future of Smart Wellness Programming!

-Joanna Filipov, Program Director at hiitide

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