hiitide Case Study: Founders

hiitide Case Study: Founders

Work, yoga class, and community impact are not mutually exclusive items. Today, people are getting serious about a holistic view of their health, so serious that many are leaving traditional office work to pursue a path that’s more-aligned with these holistic values prioritizing experience and life purpose.

Ultimately, this shift has led to an ever-increasing market of people seeking guidance and a community aligned with these evolving priorities, and a steady supply of professionals willing to provide it. It’s a bountiful time for health & wellness entrepreneurs, surely.  

One reason for the rapid industry growth has been the impact of social media.  Fortunately for entrepreneurs, social media has served the supply side of this market in making it easier than ever to spread your message and build your community.  As many “influencers” have discovered, though, a following and a business can be worlds apart.

Enter hiitide.

hiitide shows that your community and your business can and should coexist. The platform gives holistic health leaders the ability to accelerate their business’s growth by creating richer experiences for their community in one centralized place.

Whether it’s New York Times best-selling books, coaching services, retreats, or courses, hiitide works with entrepreneurs to concentrate all these offerings. Fitness entrepreneurs often require a team to manage offerings across Facebook private groups, Instagram, Udemy, and Amazon.  The result is a fragmented experience for the community and entrepreneur, with most of these efforts not generating income. hiitide brings it all into one place, with a team that helps accelerate revenue in the first two weeks, ensuring these entrepreneurs can continue creating the work that their community values most.


How hiitide serves it’s partners:

Whether it’s offering an array of exercise programs or keeping you up-to-speed on professional development programs, or providing an innovative way of experiencing books, hiitide’s versatility provides wellness entrepreneurs‒better known as “Founders”‒a platform to centralize their offerings into one place.

This simplified yet effective platform reveals a modern approach for founders to reach their community via a digital app that is accessible anywhere, anytime. The flexibility caters to all fitness levels and personal specifications, and individuals benefit from real-time guidance from a specific founder as well as a community of like-minded individuals who share similar goals and support each other.

This tool allows founders to:

  • Grow their business & revenue
  • Strengthen & fortify their community
  • Express and monetize their passion
  • Have a support system that eliminates the burden/friction typically associated with all of the above

Through hiitide’s platform, founders get more value for their time, in both compensation and the experience they provide their community.


Founder Results

In this case study, we’ll be viewing two founders, Alysha Flynn, and Dr. Ian K. Smith. Both had a dedicated group of followers and services in the health and wellness industry. Their results are outlined within categories of growth, relationship building, and business management.


Alysha Flynn, the founder of LiveWellRun, MBA, mother of two, marathon coach and athlete joined hiitide in January of 2019.   With these two focuses and her previous business name LiveWellMoms, she’s also catered to young Moms between the ages of 25-55, with busy lifestyles that didn’t always fit in with a gym. Alysha focused on a truly digital experience from the start of her business, forming a loyal group of followers with fitness and runner mindsets. She did this through:

  • Utilizing the Facebook Group platform (posting fitness videos on the group wall, engaging with the community in comments and posts) to market herself
  • Emailing run training plans and meal plans in PDFs and Excel spreadsheet formats
  • Running a separate informational website with additional content
  • Communicating through an array of tools including Facebook messenger, email, and texting
  • Offering a product of 8-week training programs and managing the personalized plans via several different mediums mentioned above

Using all of these different platforms and training her clients all while being a full-time mom of 2 was stressful to manage and felt all over the place. When she was introduced to hiitide, she immediately knew that it would be the answer to bringing all her services and business requirements into one platform. Upon signing on, hiitide helped Alysha:

  • Create a new logo and website she wouldn’t have to manage
  • Add her fitness videos, written content, nutrition, and mindfulness into one spot that would appear in one place in the app
  • Created a system for onboarding and support communications to ensure 10-star experience through onboarding
  • Keep track of her client’s payments in one platform that would auto deposit into her bank account in a predictable time frame
  • Change her income from unpredictable, 8-week sessions, into recurring income
  • Have private coach messaging and a community message board in one place
  • Create customized plans for each individual, all in one space, fluidly, with tools like global add that made her job easier and faster
  • Streamline all her content into one centralized place for easy access
  • Land speaking opportunities without an expensive public relations firm or additional employee

Results: Through this all-in-one platform and support team, Alysha was able to grow her business and skyrocket her income by almost 2,700%. This new business model opened up more time for her to focus on individual relationships and coaching in a more personalized way.


Dr. Ian K. Smith is a three-time New York Times bestselling author, physician, and has a loyal following of nearly 230,000. Prior to hiitide, Dr. Ian was managing all of his experiences on different platforms, including:

  • Publishing his information in books
  • Managing several Facebook groups totaling over 200,000 followers
  • Publishing recipes and videos on his website
  • Selling products on his website

Each of these platforms required their own formatting in order to optimize them, and a team to manage them all, and out of all of those, only the books brought in an income. In working with hiitide, Dr. Ian was able to find a solution for managing all of his offerings in one platform, which included:

  • Recipes, meal plans, and informative content all in one place
  • Exercises regimens, previously only in his books, recorded into convenient videos that members could view from their mobile apps, choosing from beginner to advanced levels and building their way up
  • A centralized message board for his community and a weekly Q&A
  • A team to help with customer service and a personal coach to assist them on their journeys
  • Focus his strategy on this one monetizing platform

Results:  His community was generating $0 dollars outside of his book sales. Within 15 Days, he went from 0 to 150 paying subscribers, seeing a revenue increase of 4,300% in under one month.


Additional Founder Success Testimonials:

Ashley Poladian:

    • In 3 Months: 0 paying members to 150 members ($19.95-34.95/month)
    • “Online coaching didn’t seem plausible for me until Evan brought me into hiitide. Until then, I had about a dozen clients who I coached in person all around Chicago, which eventually became exhausting. Part of my struggle was knowing that my income relied primarily on the ebb and flow of my clients’ schedules; in short, in order to make more money, I needed more clients… which would imply working myself to the bone. In developing hiitide, Evan knew what was needed from a coaching perspective, and we took all of my concerns into account and built a tool on the premise of making coaching easier, making business scalable, and making the experience (for both coach and client) seamless and effective! I could program workouts, communicate nutritional guidance, AND directly communicate with my clients right on the app. The coolest part is I’ve developed a coaching community on hiitide, where all my clients are engaged in their own personal plans, but are motivated and inspired by EACH OTHER!”

Jon Aleman:

    • In 3 Months: 5 online clients to 100 online clients ($19.95 – 34.95)
    • hiitide has helped me create structure in my life and has given me a sense of professional direction. I once operated on an island for years and was solely responsible for all aspects of my business: marketing, admin, finances, along with running around town training clients and teaching classes all day. Now with hiitide, I have a support team to continue helping me grow into a true professional and it has allowed me to focus on what I’m best at: connecting with people.


Learn if your a fit for hiitide

hiitide serves leaders with holistic offerings that are currently juggling their services between different platforms like Facebook groups, their website, or courses on sites like udemy.  Founders have an actively engaged community but want to create a private space that enables them to engage more with their offerings and each other. 

hiitide supports holistic offerings like:

  • Fitness (Yoga, Pilates, Strength training, Running and cardio)
  • Life coaching
  • Health coaching
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Kin-stretch, mobility, and movement
  • Injury prevention, physical therapy
  • Nutrition, meal plans, recipes

In addition to the platform, the hiitide team helps founders craft their story and image, offering a range of assistance, including but not limited to:

  • Customized logo
  • Re-branding and marketing
  • Custom web and mobile landing page, visible to all of the hiitide community
  • Live chat customer support
  • Membership management
  • Any level of content driven/coaching support

With hiitide’s centralized model, founders have less to manage and can focus on the things that really matter, such as building connections and real relationships. The platform distinctively concentrates their work into one place and allows founders to operate more collaboratively to grow their business.  hiitide’s intuitive technology gives its founders the ability to create and store high-quality, repeatable content, to save time and money, and release the stress of managing multiple platforms.

To learn more, check out applying Founders Page.