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Creative Content Programmer

Job Description

The Creative Content Programmer position requires a creative eye for developing, polishing, and publishing content to be valuable, clear, high quality, educational, and engaging. This job can be done remotely from anywhere. You will be required to use your own personal computer, having the capacity to run high profile programs such as Zoom (video conferencing) and Figma (collaborative design tool), and have multiple browser tabs open while creating content, as well as enough storage capacity to be able to download high resolution images and videos to your computer in order to upload them into the content library. You will be working inside of hiitide’s Admin library to create digital content and programs to be directly viewed by consumers on the app


  • Researching, compiling, organizing, strategizing, creating, auditing, managing, and continuously improving content on the hiitide platform and for hiitide’s founders (community leaders/clients)
  • Reviewing individual content and strategizing it into programming that follows hiitide’s quality program guidelines, creatively curating it to match the founder’s voice, vision, and their demographic’s expectations.
  • Meeting with newly onboarded founders to discover who they are, get a feel for how their content looks and feels to best organize it
  • Working in tandem with hiitide’s Content and Marketing Strategist to execute best in class programming.
  • Managing founder program schedules on an ongoing basis, keeping track of when new content needs to be added.
  • Managing the content library, calling in any technical bugs to our tech team, and proactively providing suggestions on how to better the content creation processes .

Who we're looking for

hiitide is a startup, and has a small team of passionate individuals who truly believe in the mission, are quick executors, take on several tasks, and deliver on client deadlines and on projects within the organization with 10 star quality, quantity, and smooth delivery. As a startup, we follow an Egalitarian format as we grow our business, and all operate on comparable wages, with future hourly wage increases possible with our collective success.

We’re looking for someone who loves to express their creativity, exhibits attention to detail, learns quickly and is coachable, is eager to learn new tools, and is eager to help our business be successful. This individual understands that they are a vital part of our team in helping the success of hiitide, no more or no less important than any of their team members, operating under non-hierarchical equality.

  • Be extremely organized with an eye for aesthetically clean content
  • Have excellent grammar, copy editing, and be proficient in the English language
  • Be an excellent communicator with a tendency to over communicate, ensuring that everyone is fully aware of all circumstances
  • Be tech savvy, with the ability to quickly learn and master new systems and tools
  • Be proactive and confident in communicating new ideas for tech tool and program improvement
  • Be able to navigate and manage YouTube Studio video libraries
  • Be familiar with Slack, Google Suite, Zoom, and Canva, or able to learn quickly
  • Be willing to go above and beyond when necessary – this is not just a “9-5 job”

Finer Details

  • What you need: Fast internet, a reliable laptop that can run high profile programs, fast internet
  • Time requirement: base M-F 9am-5pm, with the ability to help out for a few hours on a weekend/after hours as needed.   Hours are generally flexible and can be adapted to a schedule that best supports the Content Creative & Programmer.
  • Location: Remote.  hiitide HQ is located in River North, Chicago, IL

How to Apply

In order to apply for this position, please provide:

  • Your resume
  • At least 3 references from previous positions or individuals you work closely with in a professional, creative way who can attest to your work quality and ethic
  • At least 10 examples of your creative work
  • Review and be fully comfortable with hiitide’s Standards of Performance

hiitide's Standards of Performance

hiittide’s mission: “To make learning and growth a daily practice you can share.”

hii-standards are how we go about executing our mission, and every team member at thiiitide is a leader. 

  • Extreme Ownership, Leadership & Teamwork: Bear full responsibility and act as a leader in your role. Be in a constant state of seeking mastery and striving for excellence in your performance and being an integral part of managing your own growth. Be a leader and a team member, always working in tandem with the team, asking for help when necessary and helping others when bandwidths are stretched.

  • Radical Transparency: The fastest path is through the truth. hiitide operates as a close knit group of dedicated professionals with passion and personality. Openness, honesty, and integrity are values that help the team succeed as one.

  • Prioritize, Execute and Act Decisively: Prioritize tasks and execute efficiently to meet deadlines and deliver quality work, without delay and indecision.

  • Quality Work Ethic: hiitide leaders know that every single role on the team is critical to a mission’s success, winning is an extension of everyone’s standard of performance.  From well articulated and formatted emails, to reliable scheduling, to the organization of meeting with prospective change-agents, to internal kick-off meetings, to a line of code, to a sign-up form on a sales page, to customer support emails, to quickbooks journaling, all of it is required to be successful.  There is no function that is separate from the mission, every leader knows that a cascade of inputs is reliant on their execution. They are ferociously committed to getting their work done with hii-standards.

If this sounds like the role for you, click below to apply.

“When SEALs sweep a building,” says Rich Davis, “slow is dangerous. We want to move as fast as possible. To do this, there are only two rules. The first is to do the exact opposite of what the guy in front of you is doing—so if he looks left, then you look right. The second is trickier: the person who knows what to do next is the leader. We’re entirely nonhierarchical in that way. But in a combat environment, when split seconds make all the difference, there’s no time for second-guessing. When someone steps up to become the new leader, everyone, immediately, automatically, moves with him. It’s the only way we win.”  ― Steven Kotler, Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work