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Marketing Intern

Position: Marketing Intern

About you:

Although this role is a great starting point, you see yourself as an innovative Director of Brand Strategy, someday.  You can’t stop thinking about new and innovative ways to tell stories and develop the content and systems infrastructure that bring those stories to life.  The ideal candidate is innately hardworking, deeply thoughtful, and insatiably curious about doing things better. We look for people who set a standard of inspired work with a heavy bias for action.

About us:  

hiitide leverages mobile and web applications to connect our heroes (members) with leading health experts and micro-communities that work together to facilitate ongoing health transformation.   We are not selling software – or a series of content features, in their specific implementation – we are raising the standard of health via a uniquely connected experience.    

Job Brief:

In this role, you will be working closely with both our Ops (coaches and specialist) and Technical (engineers, devs, designers) teams to deliver ongoing support and improve the hero (member) and founder (partners) experience.  You will help drive new product and service iterations through feedback and insight while crafting the strategies that communicate those developments to the market.

Marketing Functions:

  1. Content development and marketing
  2. Copywriting and web optimization support (WordPress)
  3. Social media management (Instagram, Linkedin, etc)
  4. Email communications
  5. Brand partnership development and relationship mgmt

Hero & Founder Success:

  1. Creating, executing, and presenting findings from hero feedback surveys.
  2. Creating, executing action plans to improve the hero journey for founders.


If interested in applying, please contact team@hiitide.com

Front-End Developer

Business Description:

hiitide uses mobile and web applications to connect our heroes with experts, leaders, and community experiences that facilitate healthier living.

Our Tech:  enables us to prescribe nutrition based on metabolic testing, food sensitivities, biometrics, and lifestyle preferences we’re able to provide a level of customization in nutrition and exercise solutions previously requiring a team of nutritionists, chefs, and fitness coaches. 

What we’re looking for:

As a Front End Developer, you will be working on web applications and mobile products for an exciting mix of national brands across various industries. You will work alongside our UX designers and back-end developers to create cutting-edge consumer experiences that will educate and entertain millions of users. We expect you to have excellent HTML/CSS knowledge, a sound understanding of web standards and best practices, and at least intermediate JavaScript knowledge. We are looking for an individual with excellent communication skills, and who is equally comfortable working independently, on a team, or as a team leader, when needed. Does this sound like you? Then read on!

Your Skills

  • 4+ years in HTML & CSS
  • Senior JavaScript Developer, Node and React Native
  • Proficiency in implementing responsive design frameworks (bootstrap)
  • Experience with custom WordPress CMS architecture
  • Experience using 3rd party APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, etc.)
  • Ability to laugh at our stupid jokes (and the occasional good one)

Preferable Qualifications

  • Experience with AJAX, XML, JSON
  • PHP skills, particularly w/r/t modules/plugins for WordPress
  • Experience using GIT version control systems
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors & libraries
  • Super-fancy HTML5 JavaScript APIs and what not
  • Ability to quickly find topical animated GIFs for our team amusement

Contact: engineering@hiitide.com