hiitide case study:

Vibrancy360 at SPINS LLC

Infusing a Wellness Culture into a Wellness Company

SPINS LLC is a health and wellness centered company, dominating the organic, natural, and speciality side of the product data industry. More than just data centered, the company is deeply passionate about the wellbeing of their team members, intimately involved with philanthropy in the community, and they’re leaders in the rise of the health & wellness industry.

SPINS started their wellness program in January of 2016. Originally facing a slow start and low participation, the program named Vibrancy360 slowly evolved over the 12 months. In 2017, they took on a new strategy of an employee led program and created a team of Vibrancy Champions to play a big role in employee led programming. These changes helped many areas of their program grow, but SPINS was looking for assistance in driving employee engagement across a nationally growing team and building out the physical fitness program. This is where hiitide came in, assisting not only in these areas, but also improving health statistics, health behavior, and brand visibility across the country.

Wellness Challenges? Bring it on!

Within 12 months, hiitide increased participation by 110%, contributed to improved biometric stats, and improved Glass Door reviews by 36%. Engagement increased, especially across teams throughout different offices in the country. The hiitide program introduces a digital connection to wellness that can be utilized from anywhere, anytime, and this was the catalyst to remote employee engagement.

hiitide introduced a robust fitness program, featuring fitness classes 3x weekly and personal training sessions. By creating different opportunities for all fitness levels, they created a successful physical fitness program from the ground up, seeing immediate results. Long at last, SPINS on-site gym went from empty, to full.

A reorganization of their philanthropic program focused on partnering with small organizations with similar missions and goals to SPINS, and initiated a new sense of purpose for team members. By intimately understanding the values that SPINS holds, hiitide was able to turn an existing volunteering program into a robust philanthropic program that is already making a big difference in the community of Chicago.

A significant indication of the program’s success were the biometric statistics. We had improvement in many areas, with a large decrease in diabetes risk.

Biometric Group Analysis 2017 to 2018

Glucose* (diabetes risk):

Percentage Change: 16% down to 9%

Financial Risk: $18,400  down to $10,350

Total Cholesterol:

Percentage Change: 41% down to 36%

Financial Risk:  $17,548 down to $14,552

HDL Risk:

Percentage Change: 27% down to 22%


Percentage Change: 21 up to 22%

Average mins of exercise:  

  • 50.5% of participants exercise 120 – 180+ mins of exercise a week |   Financial Risk: $22,035 down to $15,933
  • 67.4% of the population perform strength building exercise weekly, 34.2% perform between 3-6 sessions weekly.

Company Wide Survey Results

  • 80% of program participants show an overall positive interest in the program
  • 75% acknowledge that the program has had an overall positive impact on their health

These results along with open ended feedback show that the program has become an integral part of the company culture, both for current team members and talent acquisition.

The partnership between hiitide and SPINS evolved when hiitide decided to integrate SPINS data into the hiitide platform. Working together, they introduced product suggestions based on dietary preferences into the app to assist users along their fitness quests. Their missions and values aligned in a new shared goal to make an impact on Corporate Wellness across Chicago and beyond.


Vibrancy360 Today: see more

Currently, hiitide manages the entire wellness program at SPINS, and is able to see the impact on team members first hand.  The hiitide team works alongside Vibrancy Champions to host an array of activities, from volunteering events, to chef demonstrations, to happy hours, and more. They infuse SPINS data and client products into the culture and wellness offerings, hosting product tastings and demonstrations, bringing in clients to demo and teach about their sectors of the industry. These monthly activities are held at their headquarters, and streamed live for remote team members.

hiitide’s system of immersive experiences are designed to help individuals develop and sustain healthy habits and achieve their specific wellness goals. Wellness looks different for everyone, and the hiitide app along with human-to-human interaction allows for the customization of the program for each individual. Team members are never alone on their journeys—they receive the anytime support of real coaches, reap benefits from live workouts, trainings, and nutritional support, and are part of an intimate community of support with their own team members.

In partnering with hiitide, SPINS was able to consolidate the internal wellness team to enable Human Resources to free up time and capital.

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Partnership with SPINS.

The Vibrancy360 model was founded at SPINS, with Tony Olson’s commitment to spreading the accessibility of a healthy lifestyle to his employees and the communities within which they live.
He recognized that SPINS wasn’t just a place employees make a living, but a platform for them to make a more vibrant life.  True to the innovative culture at SPINS he invested in materializing a vision that was truly best-in-class.
As a result of the success this program has had beyond health, but the cultural fabric of SPINS, he decided to partner with Evan Shy to form hiitide, the company charged with bringing the Vibrancy360 model to the leading companies in the city of chicago and beyond.
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