Balanced Flow Wellness

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Find Your Flow

Moment to moment, we live in a flow of experiences, thoughts, breath, and movement. In this flow of existence… we find a need for balance. Balanced Flow Wellness is now accessible as a daily, virtual guide to help you get in the flow and enhance your wellbeing.

Balanced Flow Wellness is an integrative medical center located in River North, Chicago. Founders Dr. Dominika Herstberg, DC, LMT, E-RYT, CES, and Dr. Nolan Lee, DC, MsAc, E-RYT, CES, PES, passionate Chiropractors, Yoga Teachers, and Mobility Experts, are leaders in the revolution of holistic healthcare. They aim to build awareness around healing methods with highest level of benefit & lowest level of adverse effects through a combination of modern holistic therapies. Their mission is to help restore, elevate, and maintain wellness in order to bring you back to balanced health.

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