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Parmita Katkar | Women's Image Empowerment Coach


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Daily Image Empowerment

Are you ready to take your personal presence to the next level? Learn from the best! Parmita Katkar, an expert in image, presence, and personal branding, will teach you tips to practice and mistakes to avoid to become the best version of yourself from the inside out! Her program on the hiitide app provides tips, videos, and activities that you can do in just a few minutes every day. For only $5/month, you can elevate your lifestyle!

Session Overview

Learn directly from Parmita as she reveals her secrets on how to feel more confident in your own skin, improve your image, feel your best, and choose to show up as a fabulous version of your true self!

Create Your Brand

Define who you want to be and how you show up in the world with Parmita's exclusive Personal Branding tips.

Transform Your Image

Experience Parmita's curated curriculum to help you identify easy things that will help you turn your image from ordinary, to extraordinary.

Show Up in Style

Learn Parmita's fashion, styling, and makeup tips to feel confident and look your best at any age.


Meet Parmita

Parmita Katkar is passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves, both internally and externally. Through her experiences in the limelight coupled with her current focus as a YouTube & Instagram Lifestyle Influencer, wife, and mother of two, Parmita empathizes with women on all journeys and stages in their lives. Today, her passion is to help women make small but powerful changes to help them look and feel more confident. Parmita gives advice to women on different topics such as confidence, body language, physical appearance, personal wellness, networking, social skills, and many more areas to help women embrace their femininity and power within. Now, Parmita has turned all her tips, tricks, and knowledge into exclusive progressive programs available only on the hiitide app.


Ex Miss India Asia Pacific & Bollywood Actress
YouTube & Instagram Lifestyle Influencer
Photographer & Image Empowerment Coach


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