Empowering women to step into their highest potential.

Meet Parmita Katkar

Parmita Katkar, founder of Blush With Me, is passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves, both internally and externally. Through her past experiences as a previous Miss India Asia Pacific, Bollywood Actress, and talk show host, and through her current experiences as a YouTube & Instagram lifestyle influencer, Photographer, Women's Empowerment Coach, and as a wife and mother, Parmita empathizes with women on all journeys and stages of their lives. Through her own experiences, she decided to transform herself and focused on her personal development, all which led her to change her life time and time again, empowering her to be the best Parmita she could be. Today, her passion is to help other women realize the potential of their impact on this world, and teach them how to show up as their best possible selves. Through YouTube and Instagram, Parmita gives advice to women on different topics ranging from confidence through body language and physical appearance, to personal wellness, networking and social skills, and guidance in many more areas to help women embrace their femininity and power with. In her desire to reach women around the globe, her mission has led her to bring her daily empowerment tips into a powerful program that is both affordable and transformational through an app for all women to benefit from.



By signing up for the Blush With Me membership, you will receive:

- Exclusive content from Parmita that explores how to develop a powerful and positive mindset, how to master your body language and presence, how to make small by powerful adjustments to your lifestyle to improve many areas of your life and personal development, and how to develop your own personal branding to express your true, beautiful self, inside and out.
- You can expect daily videos and tips from Parmita, activities to help you implement that information like powerful affirmations, exercises and journaling, power poses, self care tips, presence practices, how to master your social media presence and networking skills, and much more empowering guidance from Parmita that cannot be found anywhere else, only on this app!
- A private, virtual community and safe space where you can connect with like-minded women also on the same path to becoming 1% more confident every day.
- Monthly Q&A's with Parmita for real-time support to help you integrate the work you're doing and give you personal tips to help you achieve your goals.

Sign up today! The first 50 women to sign up will get an exclusive 30 minute group live chat with Parmita to start their journeys!


- Women who are looking for empowerment to be confident in their skin.
- Anyone looking to improve their image by looking AND feeling their best.
- Anyone wanting to expand their social and networking skills, as well as their individual personal branding.
- Anyone ready to step into their full potential and present the best version of themselves to the world.

How It Works

Start Your First Month for Only $3

Your first month will be $3, and $5 for every month after.

Your membership begins immediately after check-out and you will be emailed a receipt for $5.00. Billing takes on the same date each month, i.e. Aug 4-Sept 4. You can cancel at anytime by contacting team@hiitide.com – paying only for what you’ve been billed up to that point.

Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question, please email Customer Service at team@hiitide.com

I live outside of the US, can I still purchase this membership?

Yes! The first month is $3, and every month after is a $5 USD monthly charge. Please check with your card company for any foreign transaction processing fees and currency exchange rates for exact details, as they are different for each card company.


How do I know if my registration went through successfully?

If your registration was successful, you will be directed to a new page that says “Registration Successful” at the top. It will have iPhone and Android App Store buttons that link to the hiitide app. You will also receive a Welcome Email. Please note that this form may not be supported by Internet Explorer, please try a different browser.


What happens after I sign-up?

After check out, you’ll download the hiitide app onto your mobile device and sign in using the email and password chosen at check out.


Is the hiitide app accessible on a computer? What about a tablet?

hiitide is a mobile app that is built to work on a mobile device like a cell phone or a tablet, where it can be conveniently accessed anywhere, anytime. It is not currently supported for browsers.


What are the cancellation terms?

You may cancel your membership at any time, with no obligations or commitments. To cancel your membership, please email Customer Service at team@hiitide.com. Read our Terms & Conditions here.


I forgot my password, what should I do?

Open up the hiitide app and tap “Forgot your Password?” It will direct you to a page where you can type in your email, and you will be emailed a link for a password reset.


I can’t log in. It says user not found.

First, confirm that you registered successfully by checking to see if you received an email from us. If not, there is a chance you may have entered an incorrect email address. For assistance with this, please email Customer Service at team@hiitide.com.


Does the membership auto-renew?

Your membership will auto-renew by charging the card you provide during sign-up. If you need to update your card, you can do so within the app by navigating to settings in the top left hamburger menu. If you need assistance, call us at ‪(202) 900-9778‬ or email us at team@hiitide.com.


Didn’t see your question here?

Please email Customer Service at team@hiitide.com or try our automated FAQ via the Chat popup in the bottom right of the page.