Founded by Mobility Experts Cristian Plascencia + Natalie Higby

As two people passionate about mobility & movement powered by a healthy lifestyle, we feel a deep calling to share our way of life with individuals interested in living optimized lifestyles in the name of agility, durability, longevity, and total mind-body health. There is more to health that what happens inside the gym, and we are so excited to share that wealth of information and tools with you. 

Our programs are built to help you feel better, not only physically, but mentally as well. The Durable Athlete was created upon the foundation of our four pillars:

  1. Mobility & Movement
  2. Sleep
  3. Breath
  4. Nutrition


We’ve seen first hand how maximizing each of these areas can have a profound effect on your wellbeing. That’s why we created an app that would guide you through this lifestyle in an easy and thorough way.

The Durable Athlete program is a personalized optimization plan customized for YOUR journey. This daily plan targets optimized performance accross our four essential pillars. Each day you’ll have a clear call to action through:

  • Guided Durable Athlete mobility + movement technique videos
  • Lifestyle hacks in breath, sleep, and nutrition
  • Expert guidance to optimize your everyday life from Cristian + Natalie
  • A powerful community of like-minded individuals to connect & evolve with

Guidance Every Step of the Way


  1. Twice a month, we will be hosting a live Coaching Circle Virtual Meet-up. You’ll get to ask us your questions directly, as well as listen to the insights and journeys of the members of the crew.
  2. Any members looking for a detailed program via one-on-one coaching with Natalie and/or Cristian get an exclusive DA member discount



Durable Athlete was created for anyone looking to maximize their lifestyle habits and take full control of their mind and body. We know that in order for this to manifest, a healthy, sustainable foundation needs to be established. You’ll be supported through our tried and true programming and held up by coach and group accountability.


Change isn’t easy, but when you are a part of a group of individuals who are attempting to make the same changes in their lives, long-term success doesn’t feel like such a climb, and you’re not alone.

We’re all in this life together. Start by making a difference in yours by becoming a Durable Athlete in mind and body.

My name is Cristian Plascencia and I am the Co-Founder of The Durable Athlete. I have spent my whole life trying to find the best equation to life to help maximize daily function and the longevity of our career. It all began when I was twelve years old and sprained my ankle playing basketball. Having spent about 2 months in the physical therapy office, it was apparent that this was a setting that I wanted to surround myself with. I ended up spending 1000 hours at this physical therapy facility before leaving high school and heading into college.

While in college, I was able to intern with another physical therapy clinic out in Los Angeles County who exposed me to a holistic approach to health and fitness. It was the first time anyone had explained to me how nutrition, sleep, and our mental practices ultimately dictated the quality of everyday life as well as our physical performances. It was not too long after this realization and exposure to holistic health that I received a grant to conduct research on the effects of Whole Body Vibration techniques. This was a great exposure as it led me to eventually work with the strength and conditioning coach in assisting in the weight room with football and volleyball athletes. Soon after graduating from California Lutheran University, I received admittance into the University of Texas, Austin and decided to move out to Austin, TX. Upon moving to Texas, I was able to land a personal coaching position at the Onnit Gym working with the general population as well as elite professional athletes. Wanting to complement the structure of the gym, I decided that I would put all my efforts into helping people improve their quality of movement and more importantly, improving the quality of joint health for clients. Within my first two years working at Onnit, I was elected the lead Durability coach position which assisted other coaches at the Onnit gym better understand and implement movement and breathing techniques to assist in recovery protocols. During my time at Onnit, I was able to travel and train with individuals like Earl Thomas, Andre Roberson, and The Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ tour. One of the major themes I realized was regardless if you are a professional athlete or a 9-5 desk athlete, the principles that dictate your quality of life and performances are the same. If you are not sleeping enough or setting yourself up to sleep appropriately, then you can’t expect our physical performances in the gym and mental performances at work to be optimal. If you are not eating at the best times or eating the best type of foods, you should not expect your body to transform in the fashion that you are expecting. This now brings me to today, having worked at Onnit for the past 5 years, it has become apparent how small wins in your daily routine ultimately add up to a more sustainable and higher functioning you. That is exactly why the Durable Athlete was created, to help individuals find small wins throughout the day that eventually add up to more optimized YOU!

Hey y’all! I’m Natalie Higby and I am the Co-Founder of The Durable Athlete. I grew up an athlete, playing almost every sport that was presented to me. Not only did I love all of the preparation that went into competing, I enjoyed having a coach and a team (community) that pushed me to become a better version of myself day in and day out. Along with my passion for sports, I have always gravitated towards living an active lifestyle, spending most of my free time outdoors. I knew at a very young age that my purpose was to help people. As early as second grade I decided that I was going to be a teacher. Throughout my academic and athletic career I was often chosen to be a peer-mediator, peer-helper, captain of my team(s), and a mentor to others. Even when I didn’t see these qualities in myself, it was apparent to others that I had the ability to communicate with others, build relationships, and lead. I spent many years volunteering and tutoring at the local Boys & Girls Club, and I always assumed that after college I would teach and coach youth athletes. My freshman year of college I played basketball at The University of Texas at Dallas and pursued a major in Education. Being that I grew up in Dallas, I decided that after one year there I needed to spread my wings and explore a new city or town. I landed in San Marcos at Texas State. Throughout my college years I had a tendency to seek out training and courses within the categories of: Personal Development, Nutrition, Training, Martial Arts, etc.. It was my final semester of college when I was student teaching, that all of this continuing education and my passion for health and wellness provided me the opportunity to Coach at a local CrossFit Gym. This is where I absolutely fell in love with working in the fitness industry. What I realized during this time was I not only wanted to impact people’s lives by giving them proper movement training and improving their physical fitness, but I was drawn to the mental side of things as well; the holistic approach to health and wellness seemed to be the key to an optimized life. I always knew that in order to optimize one’s life, it would take much more than a few 1-hour training sessions a week. An optimized lifestyle is one that supports healthy habits revolving around Sleep, Nutrition, Breath, & Movement. I could talk to my clients on a daily basis about these things, but did not have a way to provide the quality of service I knew I could to not only educate them properly on these topics, but to hold them accountable and help them reach their goals inside and out of the gym. With my teaching certification in my back pocket and my passion ultimately being to educate people to live their best life in order to reach their full potential, I decided to take my knowledge and skills to the classroom, where kids were in great need of building these habits that I spoke about on a daily basis. Read More>>

Durable Athlete officially launches on September 16!

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