Redefine your wellness

Strengthen Everything

Holistic Strength is a transformative path through the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects of wellness. Mike Aidala, through his own journey to holistic wellness, developed a set of tools to help individuals live their best lives. Change happens incrementally, one day at a time, through practice, committment, and allowing integration.


- Videos and content from Mike on topics like ownership, flow, breathwork, self-concept, nutrition, myofacial release, habit formation, and more thought shifting topics to achieve total mind, body, and spirit awareness. Find Mike's videos directly on your calendar and posts on the message board.
- Integrative activities and exercises introducing tools such as gratitude practices, breathing techniques, journaling, practicing stillness, and more deep reaching content to help you expand your wellness.
- A virtual community and safe space where you can connect with like-minded individuals also on the same path to becoming 1% better every day.
- Coaching circles with Mike for real-time support and accountability to help you develop new habits consistent with your future vision of self.

Work From the Inside-Out


- Anyone seeking a deeper connection to themselves and their world around them.
- Anyone wanting to redefine their expectations of wellness and elevate their daily experiences.
- Anyone willing to commit to a daily practice to strengthen EVERYTHING from the inside out.


- Anyone without an iPhone or Android.
- Anyone who is not willing to hold themselves accountable to do the daily work required to see the changes and shifts they desire in their life.

About MIKE

My passion for holistic wellness began 12 years ago, when I opened up to wellness being more than just physical. I realized that in order to be the strongest Mike I could be, I needed to strengthen what I call "soft skills" and build a toolbox of them to help me be successful and happy in whatever I was going to do. I began an endless journey of learning, reading, journaling, practicing gratitude, communicating, listening, loving, owning and accepting all that life has to offer. I learned and am continuing to learn powerful practices that really help me tap into a feeling of balance unlike any other: a holistic strength. I knew immediately that I wanted to share these transformational tools with others, so they too could experience the freedom I felt.

I built this membership for those who want to establish a deeper, more intimate relationship with themselves and their world. Holistic Strength is a community oriented path through the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects of wellness.

How It Works

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Is the hiitide app accessible on a computer? What about a tablet?

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When does my free trial start? What do I receive during the trial?

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What are the cancellation terms? Can I cancel prior to the free trial ending?

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