We build communities around STRENGTH

STRENGTH IN THE CITY hosts inspiring fitness events that bring together enthusiasts, trainers, and sponsors who are passionate about making a difference. Our monthly meetups and annual festivals educate, invigorate and leave a positive impact on local communities. Now, we’re extending our reach even further with our brand new STRENGTH IN THE CITY app!

You don’t have to wait for a live event to experience the STRENGTH IN THE CITY impact; now it’s available to you ANYTIME virtually.

We’ve created a virtual community centered around STRENGTH IN THE CITY’s core principles of fitness, healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, and self-care.

Experience a customized experience with virtual fitness & daily guidance for living a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness & Community at your Fingertips

Our mission is to transform communities through a commitment to working—and working out—together. We’re helping cities grow stronger by bringing individuals together over healthy lifestyle acivities that benefit local causes. We created our app to make a broader impact in people’s lives, and help them do the things they love and to stay healthy & strong all year long.

Join the Crew

  • Customized fitness plans + guided workout videos
  • Weekly Coach Connets & Live Videos from SITC Teachers
  • Guidance from your personal coach via in-app messaging
  • Daily reminders + inspiration for healthy habit formation
  • Mindfulness, meditations + self-care prompts
  • Inspiring interviews + live Q&A’s by fitness industry experts
  • Get access to exclusive partnerships & discounts to local studios
  • Get discounted access to live SITC events!
  • Weekly leaderboard challenges, swag giveaways, and spotlights
  • And of course, a supportive & motivational community of kindred spirits!

Register Today! Officially launching on September 14th!

Getting STRONGER together.

What happens next?

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