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Through Adversity, We Grow Stronger Together

A 6-Week Free Program


Daily Activities
At-Home Bodyweight Workouts (All Levels)
Recipes + Grocery/Meal Delivery (Quarantine-friendly)
Meditations + Journal Prompts
Yoga Classes + Ted Talks
Mobility Sessions For This Stationary Period


Gain Muscle & Stay Mobile
Journal & Maintain Healthy Habits
Socialize Via Community

FREE 6-Week Program

In the wake of the current quarantine, we are all experiencing a new way of life. From this experience, we at hiitide have created a FREE, STRONGER TOGETHER program to help keep things interesting and you making progress toward your goals. We hope you are leveraging a lot of the great options provided out there but we wanted to provide more structure and accountability to ensure we’re all making the most of this time. In this FREE 6-week program, you’ll have access to: 1. Progressive at-home with min equipment 2. Basic level, 60-minute yoga classes with our favorite instructors :) 3. Mobility sessions to keep your joints healthy during this stationary period 4. Breathwork and meditation for daily stress relief 5. Journal prompts to “check-in with yourself and loved ones” 6. Healthy, quarantine-friendly low-calorie recipes 7. TEDtalks or podcasts that will introduce new perspectives 8. A private community of individuals to experience it with… 1% better is so much more when done as a collective because we’re stronger together!

6 Week Free Program on hiitide

hiitide's STRONGER TOGETHER program is designed to help keep you moving and learning, through daily events and community on a mobile app designed to hold you accountable.

At-Home Workouts and Mobility

No Gym? No Problem! We've got you covered with bodyweight workouts you can do from anywhere.

Keep Calm and Balanced with Meditations

During stressful times such as these, it's important to go back to the basics. These meditations are designed to help guide you and keep you balanced.

Breathe and Find Your Flow

Ready to connect your head and your heart? We encourage you to go deep within and connect your body and spirit.


What You'll Get

When you sign up for a
program, you’ll download the
hiitide app:

At-Home Workouts

Progressive workouts that build on each other and require minimum equipment. 

Journaling Exercises

According to mental health professionals, journaling is one of the most recommended tools to have a clearer mind and a happier life. It helps to release mental blockades and be more precise about your thoughts.  Additionally, journaling helps to understand your desires, priorities, and worries.  Several studies demonstrate that writing down your thoughts can lead to an increase in reported well-being and happiness.

Low-Calorie Recipes

Nutrition can be challenging at any time, a nationwide quarantine hasn't made it much easier.  We've crafted some recipes that will help bring some vibrancy back into your diet without putting you at risk. We also provide access to Meal and Grocery delivery services, each are quarantine-friendly!

Private Crew (Community)

Social isolation can be tough, but no one said we can't connect virtually.  We created a private space for us to share stories, lessons, offer creative solutions to new challenges. 

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Stronger Together

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