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Who you are right now is a reflection of your current thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. To change, you must create a new identity by shifting your perceptions of who you are and becoming clear on who you aspire to be. You.0 is a community of inspired individuals with a thirst for growth and self-development, whose focus is on redefining themselves and the stories they tell themselves. Through developing healthy habits and using tools like physical fitness, Ashley helps you realize your strength and actualize your potential to become YOU. 0.


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Stay focused with daily check-ins comprising Workouts, Mobility, Nutrition, Recipes, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, and Journal Prompts to help you achieve our personal goals

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Meet Ashley

Ashley specializes in helping her clients develop healthy habits that make them look, feel, and live better, intentionally using fitness as the necessary first step. Her definition of well-being is the ability to adapt and thrive in a world that is often indifferent to—and even conflicting with—your effort to experience a truly optimal state of being. Because Ashley holds a unique and diverse combination of specialties, her style of coaching combines a science-based understanding with a real-world, simplistic approach. She believes self-awareness is the root of all change, and therefore helps her clients identify WHO they want to be, while helping them make choices that align with becoming that person—their upgraded .O self. Much of her work is rooted in movement, nutrition, and healthy habit formation, with a strong undertone in overall personal development.


Fitness Coach
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms)
Functional Range Assessment Practitioner (FRA)
Yoga Teacher, CYT-200


"Ashley has been incredible with me and I am fully committed to our process, progress and ultimate goals. I’ve been thrilled with the sharing and the satisfaction I feel when I accomplish items she's posted to my daily calendar. I have a long way to go with my physical goals but my mental and emotional goals are really making a tremendous difference both within myself and my interactions with my family. This is incredibly important to me and I can’t thank Ashley and the members of our crew for all the positive reinforcements I’ve received in such a short time. Keep challenging me!! I am ALL IN!"

-Amy C
North Carolina

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