Funny How It Works Out

4 week Virtual Book Club with Manon Mathews

Laugh and be inspired with Manon Mathews as you take daily action to grow (up) from your past and manifest your best life.


  • Meet with Manon in LIVE Q&As
  • Four Tendencies Quiz
  • Daily Reflections & Journal Prompts
  • Guided Meditations and lots of laughter


  • Identify your Driving Force (what motivates you)
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Forgiveness practice
  • Practices and tools to let go of what doesn’t serve you


To Be Announced!


$40 USD 

(one-time payment not including the book)


Manon Mathews


Laugh and Grow 

with Manon Mathews

Take daily action to grow (UP) from your past and manifest your best life!

Laugh your way back to joy as you read Funny How It Works Out by Manon Mathews in this 4- Week Virtual Book Club! Daily, you will be guided through fun “Lessons in ManonFestation” and share your experiences with like-minded and hearted people.

This 28-day adventure will help you shake off the weight of being cooped up and just might be the fresh breath of air you’re craving!  

If you’re ready to say “Screw you monkey wrenches, #pandemic problems!” and continue to manifest your best life while be supported by a wonderful community, this Club is for you.
Manon will be doing Live Q&A sessions; you definitely won’t want to miss.


Reserve your spot below and we’ll email you when registration is open.
Let’s laugh & grow together!


How It Works

The Book

The Mobile App

mobile app

A Peek Inside the Mobile App

Private Space

No feeds or ads, just people looking to learn.

Daily Micro-Dose

A personal calendar of journals, mediations, and exercises.

Talks, Podcasts, Articles

Learn and apply daily skills through videos and interactive thought exercises. 

Peer-to-peer Support

Private, two-way conversations with experts and members. 


What you’ll learn

Translating thousands of hours of material into the most essential lessons.



An Honest Look At Life

Feeling blah? Get ready to get your flow back! Laugh as you are guided through practical, fun exercises to let go of the funk and catapult into your best life. You will learn about who you are and how to use your strengths to stick to healthy habits.



Show Up & Speak Up

*Exclusive Live Q&A with Manon*

Create a clear, calm space so you can get your sh*t together and show up in a bigger way! Feel empowered to speak up (even when uncomfortable), set boundaries and reinvent yourself.



Relationships…Am I Right?

Going a little stir crazy with your quarantine buddies? Yep. Be guided to revitalize your relationships and develop healthier connections. You will enhance your current relationship dynamics by practicing skills like trust building, conflict resolution, forgiveness, and expressing anger. GRRR!



Start Fresh, Stay Curious

*Exclusive Live Q&A with Manon*

Everyday is an opportunity for adventure! Even if that adventure is in your living room. You will beef up your self-love, confidence, and joy as you do short & sweet exercises designed to manifest your best life.


What members say


About Manon Mathews

Manon Mathews is a comedian, actress and now author of Funny How It Works Out. She believes we are put on this earth to love and laugh and have dedicated her career to do so.

Manon first made a name for herself in the world of Vine. Since then, she has gone on to star in romantic comedy Holiday Breakup, as well as headlined in Breakout Artist Series at Caroline’s on Broadway in New York City.

Manon says her bread and butter is working with brands. She has written, directed and starred in commercials for brand like M&M, Allure Bridal and Febreeze. 

It took more than luck for her hilarious antics on VINE to open up the door for her career. Years of routinely embarrassing herself, improv classes, some stints as an amateur comic, unrelenting dedication, and a life-altering night out forced her to change her ways and set her on the path to manifesting her dream life. 


About the Book

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You can buy the book after checkout

Funny How It Works Out

For comedy and content creator Manon Mathews, comedy is life.

It took more than luck for her hilarious antics on Vine to open the for for her career. Years of routinely embarrassing herself, improv classes, some stints as an amateur standup comic, unrelenting dedication, and a life-altering night out that forced her to change her ways – that’s what set her on the path to manifesting her dream life. 

Now Manon recounts her wackiest moments, questionable decisions, lessons learned over the years, romantic tales, and the screenplay that is the story of her marriage in hopes that she can help others find the lessons in their journeys to that they too can grow from their pasts and manifest their best lives. 

Available: Kindle, Audiobook, Hard Cover, or Paperback

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