4-week Virtual Book Club 

with Sarah mccrum

Learn how to transform your relationship with money from author, Sarah McCrum, in this 4-week Virtual Book Club. 


  • Meet Sarah in LIVE Q&As
  • Manifestation Guidance and Practice
  • Daily Reflections & Journal Prompts
  • Meditations and Energy Practices


  • Augmented relationship with money
  • Clear vision for the life you want to live
  • Visualization and relaxation techniques
  • Step-by-step process to allow more money into your life


January 1st – 

January 28th, 2021


$40 USD 

(one-time payment not including the book)


Sarah McCrum

It’s Time To Transform Your Relationship With Money

what does money want to say to you?

This was the question Sarah McCrum stumbled upon, that ended up changing her life. 

During this 4-week Virtual Book Club we’ll read Love Money Money Loves You by Author and Teacher Sarah McCrum, as well as learn, practice, and integrate tools and techniques that are told in the book. You’ll get exclusive access to daily activities and content, including Live Q&A sessions with Sarah.

Money is energy, and we all have a relationship with it. It’s our relationship to money that determines how much of it we receive. Over the course of a month, in this workshop, you’ll learn about the energy of money, which is perhaps a new concept but once understood, your relationship to money will change. You’ll then learn how you can improve upon that relationship to make money more abundant in your life. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or another book full of fluff. Sarah integrates her learnings over 20+ years with Chinese Masters with the lessons dictated from the Energy of Money.

With daily lessons, activities and reflections, you will bring these practices into your life. Meet with Sarah for TWO live Q&A’s bringing this practice full circle, to change your relationship with money and to change your life.

We’ll see you soon.


How It Works

The Book

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The Mobile App

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Private Space

No feeds or ads, just people looking to learn.

Daily Micro-Dose

A personal calendar of journals, meditations, and exercises.

Talks, Podcasts, Articles

Learn and apply daily skills through videos and interactive thought exercises. 

Peer-to-Peer Support

Private, two-way conversations with experts and members. 


What you’ll learn

Translating thousands of hours of material into the most essential lessons.



Unlearn and Re-Establish Your Relationship to the Energy of Money

Unlearn what you believe about money. This may seem simple, however the perception, biases and misunderstanding of how money and more specifically the energy of money works, blocks us from what we truly want in life. Learn about the energy of money and how it relates to every aspect of your life.



Developing a Money Mindset

Live Q&A with Sarah McCrum

Gain the tools and build upon ancient strategies to develop a mindset where the baseline is open to receiving the energy of money



Request What You Want

Learn how to properly request more money in your life and develop the steps toward your full financial potential.



Your Relationship to Money and the New System

Live Q&A with Sarah McCrum

Understand your relationship to money, learn about what money shows about yourself and ultimately learn to work with the new Money System for long-term success.


What members say


Sarah McCrum

Sarah McCrum is a teacher and author who helps people transform their relationship with money. 

She helps them grow the inner skills they need to handle the challenge of money, business, and family life so they can live more generously towards themselves and others.

Sarah offers a practical, relaxed approach based on her books, “Love Money, Money Loves You” and “Energy On Demand.”

Her work is founded on 30 years of personal practice, 22 years of training with Chinese Masters and two decades of coaching business owners and leaders. 

Sarah has influenced the lives of tens of thousands worldwide to expand their consciousness around money and generosity.

Her Credentials:

  • 3-Time Paralympic Medalist
  • TED Speaker
  • Author of On My Own Two Feet
  • Dancing With The Stars Runner-Up


About the Book

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Love Money Money Loves You

A few weeks after the failure of her business in London, Sarah was asked a question in a book she was reading. “What does money want to say to you?” She started writing a response and found words coming out of her pen that weren’t her own. They started with, “I would like to tell you to love me.”

She was deeply touched, and intrigued to explore more about the source of this message. She went on to write in the same way every day for 3 months and ended up with a collection of surprising, funny and inspiring advice, apparently from the energy of money itself.

Those writings turned into this book. It takes you into the heart of the world of money, but not into financial systems as they exist on this planet. Rather it gives you an insight into how the money energy operates behind our physical world.

It shows you what happens when you make any financial request and explains why so many people struggle with lack of money. It gives clear, simple guidelines on how to transform your relationship with money so you can be aligned with the way it works naturally, including two blueprints for making money in today’s world.

It’s funny at times, very uplifting and enlightening in surprising ways, offering a view of money unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere. Perhaps the most radical discovery in these writings is the sense that money is not a neutral energy that we can make good or bad decisions about. It is a truly benign, loving energy that is always available for us. This challenges many of our preconceived notions about money and invites us into a profoundly different relationship with it.

Available: Kindle, Audiobook, Hard Cover, or Paperback

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