Marriage Therapy Journal

4-week Virtual Book Club with Zach BrittlE

Learn how to achieve better communication, less conflict, and more connection with your partner from bestselling author and therapist, Zach Brittle.


  • Meet Zach Brittle in two Live Q&As
  • Scientifically supported strategies for making positive changes in your relationship
  • Journal reflections and prompts
  • Relationship-improving activities with your partner!


  • Improved communication and connection with your partner
  • Reframe the main conflicts in your relationship
  • Learn from other couples in your community.
  • Take ownership of what you bring to your relationship
  • Grow as a couple and make positive changes in your relationship





$60 USD 

(one-time payment not including the book)


Zach Brittle

A Toolbox for Deeper Connection in 4-weeks

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During this 4-week Virtual Book Club you will read Marriage Therapy Journal by Zach Brittle, as well as learn, practice, and integrate tools and techniques presented in the book. You’ll get exclusive access to daily activities and content, including Live Q&A sessions with Zach.

If you’re looking to grow, learn, and connect with like-minded people who want to improve their relationships with their significant others, this Virtual Book Club is for you.

The book Marriage Therapy Journal is written for partners to engage with each other, each having their own copy of the book. The Book Club operates the same way, so we emphasize the effectiveness of this book club will be greater if you participate with your partner.

We are offering 25% off access for your partner as well, the promo code will be sent to you after your first purchase.

Buy one book club seat and get the second seat for your partner 25% off.

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How It Works

The Book

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The Mobile App

mobile app

A Peek Inside the Mobile App

Private Space

No feeds or ads, just people looking to learn.

Daily Micro-Dose

A personal calendar of journals, meditations, and exercises.

Talks, Podcasts, Articles

Learn and apply daily skills through videos and interactive thought exercises. 

Peer-to-Peer Support

Private, two-way conversations with experts and members. 


What you’ll learn

Translating thousands of hours of material into the most essential lessons.



Orientation and Developing Awareness in your Relationship

You’ll acclimate yourself to the therapy process and become clear on your “why.” Why did you join this book club? What needs improvement?



Presenting a Problem: Troubles with Conflict and Communication

Intimate Live Q&A with Zach 

You’ll learn how to reframe the main conflicts, themes, and patterns in your relationship, as well as how to communicate more effectively.



More of “Good”: Exploring improvement alone and together

If you are the only one in your relationship currently dedicated to this process, you will learn how to improve your relationship. If it’s a collective effort between you and your partner, you’ll both learn how to move forward and improve together by exploring more of the “good.”  



The ONE Thing and the NEXT Thing
Intimate Live Q&A with Zach

Learn how to repair what’s broken from the past and plan for the future!


What clients say


Zach Brittle

LMHC & Certified Gottman Therapist (CGT)

Zach Brittle has been counseling and coaching couples for over 12 years. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Gottman Therapist with a private practice in Seattle. 

He is the best-selling author of The Relationship Alphabet and the Marriage Therapy Journal, as well as the co-host of the podcast Marriage Therapy Radio. 

Zach’s insights have been featured in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Men’s Health, Real Simple and the Washington Post. 

He has been happily married to his wife, Rebecca, for 21 of their 23 years together. They have two daughters, 13 and 17. Zach and Rebecca own a minivan – and most of the silverware they received as wedding presents. 

Zach understands that marriage is really, really hard and that the best way to ruin it is to do nothing

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Her Credentials:

  • 3-Time Paralympic Medalist
  • TED Speaker
  • Author of On My Own Two Feet
  • Dancing With The Stars Runner-Up


About the Book

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The Marriage Therapy Journal

A good therapist is better than a great book. But a good therapy book is better than no therapist. It might even be better than a bad one.

The Marriage Therapy Journal features 8 self-directed sessions by therapist, podcaster and best-selling author Zach Brittle. He’ll guide you through conflict, communication, curiosity, and connection on your way to a better relationship.

In addition, the Journal includes four additional bonus sessions from four additional experts focusing on sex, parenting, money and repair after  a fight.

You will also receive a blueprint that will help you feel more connected on Monday morning than you were on Friday afternoon. 

Finally: dad jokes. 

Available: Kindle or Paperback

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