The Art of Mentoring

4-week Virtual Book Club with Ravi gundlapalli

“The Art of Mentoring is the perfect reminder that we don’t have to figure it all out on our own” – Jodi Womack, MA.  

Learn the skills to be a good mentor or mentee from entrepreneur, and, author, Ravi Gundlapalli, in this 4-week Virtual Book Club. 


  • Meet Amy in LIVE Q&As
  • Character Strengths Assessment
  • Daily Reflections & Journal Prompts
  • Research-backed Daily Lessons on Resiliency


  • Actionable wisdom from a survivor
  • Comprehensive understanding of your character strengths
  • Clarity on who you are and what you want 
  • Reliance toolbox 


December 1 – December 28


$40 USD 

(one-time payment not including the book)


Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli

Achieve Your Full Potential

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An experience that inspires Ravi Gundlapalli everyday is Srikanth Bolla, a visually challenged student who he has been mentoring since 2008. Under Ravi’s mentorship, Srikanth graduated form MIT Sloan and is now CEO of Bollant Industries, a fast-growing green products company in India. 

Ravi believes that when people are learning and growing in their careers, they are happier which translates to happy families, happy workplaces, and happy communities. 

 During this 4-week Virtual Book Club you will read The Art of Mentoring by Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli, as well as learn, practice, and integrate tools and techniques that are told in the book. You’ll get exclusive access to daily activities and content, including Live Q&A sessions with Dr. Ravi.

If you’re looking to grow, learn and connect with other like-minded and hearted people, this Virtual Book Club is for you.

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How It Works

The Book

The Mobile App

mobile app

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Private Space

No feeds or ads, just people looking to learn.

Daily Micro-Dose

A personal calendar of journals, meditations, and exercises.

Talks, Podcasts, Articles

Learn and apply daily skills through videos and interactive thought exercises. 

Peer-to-Peer Support

Private, two-way conversations with experts and members. 


What you’ll learn

Translating thousands of hours of material into the most essential lessons.




To develop the foundation for change and growth through understanding your past and your current character strengths using the VIA Character Strengths Test. 




To accumulate internal resources such to develop resilience. Heroes will learn how to utilize their signature character strengths, develop a practice of gratitude, and learn how to identify and reframe negative thoughts and beliefs. 




To expose limiting behaviors responsible for current self-identity. Heroes will construct a new identity aligned with a life purpose and learn tools to develop new habits associated with a new identity. 



The Obstacle Becomes The Way

Introducing new ways to see and respond to obstacles using philosophies of stoicism. Heroes will learn how to dissect their lives under the scope of stoic philosophy, learning what is simply in their control and not in the control. Heroes will also learn how to view each obstacle as an opportunity for growth. 



Visualizations/Perspective Shifts 

Heroes will learn about the power of visualization and how to properly visualize their goals, complete with an action plan. 



Performing/Maintaining Stillness/            Consistent Focus 

Heroes will take all that they learned and develop a system to apply resilience to their lives moving forward. 


What members say


About Ravi Gundlapalli

Ravi Gunlapalli is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker passionate about helping people achieve their true potential. Be it employees in a company, first-time entrepreneurs, career professionals or students, Ravi fins happiness in helping them make the right connections, learn new skills to accomplish more and achieve career milestones. 

Ravi previously worked in the automotive and aerospace industries, he has experience in managing multi-million dollar projects for clients such as Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Raytheon, Hitachi Global Storage, and Cypress. 

As founder and CEO of MentorCloud, an online social platform for mentoring, he has personally mentored over 150 individuals. MentorCloud was founded to help people find, connect, and learn from the right mentors and subject matter experts from anywhere in the world. 

As a speaker, he focuses on topics related to learning, career development, and achieving success in life. 

Ravi is on a mission to accelerate careers and success for millions of people through mentorship. 

Her Credentials:

  • 3-Time Paralympic Medalist
  • TED Speaker
  • Author of On My Own Two Feet
  • Dancing With The Stars Runner-Up


About the Book

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The Art of Mentoring

The Art of Mentoring teaches you basic foundational skills to become a good mentor and mentee, and how to draw lifelong benefits by building the right mentoring relationships. As an active mentor and subject matter expert, Ravi dispels many myths around mentoring, and clearly articulates the benefits of mentoring for students, career professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Written as an easy-to-read guidebook with best practices, this book is a must read for people at any stage in thier life and career. 

Available: Kindle, Audiobook, Hard Cover, or Paperback

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