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Alysha is the creator of LiveWellRun’s Customizable Fitness Training Plan and Virtual Fitness Team. With an MBA and a degree in Health Sciences, her expertise encompasses exercise science, nutrition, and psychology. This super-mom with a deep passion for fitness and a decade of training experience has a unique ability to help everyonefrom true beginners to athletesachieve their training goals.

Alysha specializes in:  

  1. Strength Training
  2. Marathon Training
  3. Nutrition Education
  4. Pregnancy and Postpartum fitness 

How it works

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Live Well Run is a private Virtual Fitness Team on hiitide…

A tight group of motivated women determined to be stronger and faster, together..

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Two-way Accountability

Remember what it was like to be on a sports team growing up? That’s LiveWellRun! We are a FEMALE-ONLY Virtual Fitness Team for aspiring runners ready to smash new PR’s, AND anyone wishing for more STRUCTURE and RESULTS from their fitness efforts!

Having a private coach and team for less than a cup of coffee.

Strength training, HIIT, flexibility, live streaming classes, nutrition to fuel your active lifestyle, self care, and more!

Alysha specializes in:

STRENGTH TRAINING for aspiring runners using dumbbells and your bodyweight.

+ Marathon Training

+ Nutrition Education

+ Weight loss

+ Pregnancy and Postpartum fitness.

Plan includes modifications for TRUE BEGINNERS through ADVANCED.

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“No matter where you are on this journey, LiveWellRun will help you move FORWARD. When I made my first attempt at training for a half marathon it resulted in a stress fracture. I knew then I needed more strength/cross training. I was very inconsistent about keeping myself on track – always letting things get in the way. This team keeps me accountable. As a runner, I know every PR and good race is a blessing and I owe much it to this team!

LiveWellRun Hero

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Hear from your teammates

Our team culture provides a supportive virtual environment to improve fitness motivation, build confidence and create meaningful connections.

This allows Alysha to tap into the potential of all members and bring out the best in their abilities!


Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What does it mean to be a member of LiveWellRun?

LiveWellRun is a private, digital platform to virtually train with Coach Alysha Flynn and the LiveWellRun Team. By signing up here, you have exclusive access to Alysha, her LiveWellRun training plan, and the entire LiveWellRun community. You’ll be automatically enrolled upon registration, and Alysha will reach out to you to begin your customization.


I’d like a consultation before joining. Who can I reach out to?

Please click here to schedule a consultation with Coach Alysha Flynn.


Do I need equipment to join?

The only pieces of equipment needed are dumbells. This is a strength-based program for home fitness, but can be done in any location.


How do I know if my registration went through successfully?

If your registration was successful, you will be directed to a new page that says “Registration Successful” at the top. It will have iPhone and Android app store buttons that link to the hiitide app. You will also receive a Welcome email from Alysha.


What happens after I sign-up?  What is the name of the app?

After check out, you’ll download the hiitide app onto your mobile device, and sign in using the email and password you typed above. You’ll then have access to LiveWellRun, a private virtual fitness team managed by Coach and founder, Alysha Flynn.  The hiitide app is the platform for LiveWellRun.


Is the hiitide app accessible on a computer? What about a tablet?

hiitide is a mobile app that is built to work on a mobile device like a cell phone or a tablet, where it can be conveniently accessed anywhere, anytime.


When does my free trial start? What do I receive during the trial?

Your free trial starts immediately after you have completed checkout. The free trial gives you access to the full LiveWellRun experience: access to Coach Alysha Flynn and her customizable fitness training plan, nutritional guidance, live classes, the LiveWellRun community, and more!


I forgot my password, what should I do?

Open up the hiitide app and tap Forgot your Password? It will direct you to a page where you can type in your email, and you will be emailed a link for a password reset.


I can’t log in. It says user not found.

First, confirm that you registered successfully by checking to see if you received an email from Alysha. If not, there is a chance you may have entered an incorrect email address. For assistance with this, please email Customer Service at


What are the cancellation terms? Can I cancel prior to the free trial ending?

You may cancel your membership at any time, with no obligations or commitments. You will not be charged if you cancel within the free trial period. To cancel your membership, please notify Alysha


Does the membership auto-renew?

Your membership will auto-renew by charging the card you provide during sign-up. If you need to update your card, you can do so within the app by navigating to settings in the top left hamburger menu. If you need assistance, call us at ‪(202) 900-9778‬ or email us at


Didn’t see your question here?

If you have a question regarding the LiveWellRun program offerings, please email Alysha at For any technical questions regarding the hiitide app, use our Live Chat Support via the blue/green shaped tear drop at the bottom right on your screen, or, if outside of business hours, please email Customer Service at