Integrated Professional Development

supporting real ownership, connection, and growth.

"Prior to hiitide and you, the word “coach” wouldn’t have made sense – but you brought it to life. Your encouragement, check-ins, wisdom, friendship, and in depth knowledge of nutrition/fitness/body mechanics made all the difference. You are truly amazing."

—Penny M, hiitide hero (member)

Mobile Experience

– Dedicated Coaching

 Personal daily wellbeing plans

 Live video Coach Connects

 Progress & consistency tracking

 Private & secure direct messaging

 Streaming consults with hiitide Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Meditation Teachers, Relationship Coaches, and Wellness Experts.

"Accountability requires social presence‒the presence of another human being.”

‒Supportive Accountability: A model for providing human support to enhance adherence to eHealth interventions

Workshops & Events


Getting at the Heart of Communication

by Mark Groves

– Historical shaping of who you are
– Understanding how your organization communicates
– Create powerful, connective, productive relationships
– As leaders, how do we maximize our impact on others, cultivating thriving culture in our homes and workplaces?

Craft a Job you Love

by Dr. Ben Ritter

– How to take ownership and transform your work experience
– How to connect better with your peers and colleagues
– Learn how to unlock more meaning in the work you do

Current Impact

+ 44%

remote participation

+ 36%

positive glass door reviews

+ 50%

vigorous weekly exercise

+ 67%

weekly adherence

What others are saying

“It wasn’t just the team’s thoughtful approach, but the speed and seamless execution that took me by surprise. Beyond the quantifiable health improvements, they saved us time, resources, and energized our team members through a robust engagement strategy.”

– Rosemary Haefner, Chief People Officer at SPINS