“Having one place where my best programs, books, and recipes could be delivered to my community in a simply remarkable experience…”

Ready to grow your community, by Friday.

Platform for experts and creators ready to lead and monetize their communities, not just influence them.

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You have the vision, we help make it happen faster.

Branded Website

Fresh look with an optimized landing page, ready to welcome your community to their new home.

Branded Mobile app

Branded Mobile Experience Private Community Designed for Engagement.

Systems to Scale

Engaging Emails Customer Support Head Coaches to Guide.

Billing for Growth

No manual invoicing or reporting.  Just multiple revenue sources with one-destination: you.

Get-Started Today.

Whether you have content, courses, or just ideas, leverage hiitide’s growing content library to get started today.

Grow Your Business.

We create systems that auto-schedule hero programs based on specific preferences and goals.

Finally, growing your business doesn’t mean growing your backlog.

Manage in One Place

Welcome your community into a 10-star experience

We’ll handle billing, customer support, and Financials.

You’ve acquired a team

but we’re a tight bunch, let’s see if we’re the right fit.

Supported Founder

We drive and support your community

  1. Branded Mobile App
  2. Branded Private Landing Page
  3. Augmented Content Library
  4. 360 Payment Mgmt (integrated billing)
  5. Tech support
  6. Self-served Branded Content
  7. Data Analytics User Engagement
  8. hiitide Coach Hero Management
  9. hiitide Hero Success and Support
  10. hiitide integrated content team

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