hii-stakes Challenge:

Powered by Mo Dadkhah

What is this challenge? 

  • An 8-week challenge, to see who can achieve the most significant transformation in body composition.

What are the requirements?

  • Download hiitide mobile app to get coaching support and track progress
  • Schedule your 1st DEXA scan between Jan 15 – Jan 30
  • Schedule your 2nd DEXA scan between Mar 15 ‒ Mar 30
    • Book Dexa Scans with LiveLeanRX here: BOOKING
    • Tell them you are a “hiitide Member” at your appointment for $60 scan.

How do you win?

Comparing your two DEXA Scans we will announce two winners as:

  1. The person who loses the highest percentage of their BODY WEIGHT.  So if you go from 200lbs to 150lbs you have lost 50lbs of body weight or 25% of your actual body weight.
  2. The person who loses the highest percentage of their BODY FAT. So if you start with 20% body fat and you end up with 10% body fat you have lost 50% of your body fat.

What do you get for signing up? 

  • “Winner’s Pot”: 100% of your $150 entrance fee goes into the “Winners Pot”.  The two Winners split the entire pot 50/50.
  • Free access to hiitide mobile for the duration of the challenge.

How does hiitide mobile fit in the equation? 

You are gaining free access to the hiitide mobile app for 8-weeks during the competition.  After completing the competition you can decide if you want to continue.

  • Dedicated Coach
  • Personalized exercise plans: HIIT, weight training, yoga, mindfulness
  • Nutrition: better-for-you recipe videos

How do I get started? 

  • Register here and download hiitide
  • Schedule your 1st DEXA Scan with LiveLeanRx.