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Dr. Ian K Smith | “Dr. Ian”
hiitide Crew Founder
Dr. Ian’s World

3 x #1 New York Times Best Seller
President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
Medical contributor for the Rachel Ray show
Twitter: @DrIanSmith
Instagram: @DoctorIanSmith

Alysha Flynn | “Coach Alysha”
hiitide Crew Founder
Eastern University, MBA
Health Science B.S.
Marathon Athlete & Coach
Mother of Two (aka #boss)

Ashley Poladian | “Ash”
Coach & Content Manager
Founding Crew hiitide
University of Illinois at Chicago

Communications B.S.
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer | Online Coach

Evan Shy | “Ev”
Founder & CEO
MS Exercise Physiology
Researcher in Nutrition and
Exercise Performance Laboratory
Founder of ShyTown Fitness
Author of “Fitness that Fits”
Published in American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Jon Aleman | “Coach Jon”
Dir. Founder Success
Depaul University
Exercise Physiology
Creator of HIIT YOGA
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer |
Online Coach
Nutrition Foundations Certified

Charanya Sundar | “Charanya”
hiitide Specialist
Johns Hopkins University
Neuroscience B.A.
Nutritional Sciences M.S.
Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian
with Public Health Certification

Ashley Kasza | “AK”
Senior Engineer 
University of Illinois at Champaign
Computer Science B.S.
Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Chhay Tea | “CT”
Chief Technology Officer
Northwestern University
Computer Science B.S.
Senior Backend Engineer
Develops Infrastructure

Dr. Averill Sutchar | “Dr. Sutchar”
hiitide Specialist
Creighton University
Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapist & Movement Specialist

Dr. Dominika Hertsberg | “Dr. Hertsberg”
hiitide Specialist
Licensed Chiropractic Physician
Certified Acupuncturist
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Certified Yoga Teacher

Marisa Moon | “Marisa”
hiitide Specialist
Certified Primal Health Coach, Primal
Health Coach Institute
Nutrition for Cancer Prevention &
Longevity Certification

Dr. Nolan Lee | “Dr. Lee”
hiitide Specialist
Biomedical Sciences B.S.
Licensed Chiropractic Physician
Acupuncture M.S.
Yoga Teacher
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Performance Enhancement Specialist

Chu Batsaihan | “Chu”
hiitide Videographer
Leads hiitide’s Video Production

Joanna Filipov | “Jo”
Hero Success Manager
The University of Illinois at Chicago 
Wellness Program Specialist
Certified Master Reiki Practitioner
Meditation Teacher & Mindfulness Coach

Tim Turner | “Tim”
hiitide Web Developer
Electronics Engineering Technology B.S.
Front-End Web Specialization

Katy Hanlon | “Katy Sprinkles”
hiitide Crew Founder
Sprinkle Cheer
Certified Yoga Instructor
StudioThree and Midtown

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