Turn books into action, for good.

Develop and apply new skills in just 14 minutes a day with hiitide Online Book Clubs

Turn books into action, for good

A book can change your life in just 14 minutes a day with hiitide Online Book Clubs

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You’re in good company…


More beneficial than any book club I’ve ever heard of. I am getting so much out of it!


I couldn’t wait to check in and see what my next assignment was going to be.


It’s been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for creating such an amazing program!

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We translate hundreds of hours from books & content into daily activities that take just 14 minutes a day.

Bite-sized lessons, exercises, and group discussions

Actionable micro-lessons designed to enhance retention, application, and collaboration.

LIVE Q&As to Build Relationships with Authors & Readers

Ask your most pressing questions, directly to your favorite authors.

Our latest Book MicroCourses

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Using the ancient philosophy of Stoicism, learn how to gracefully redefine challenging moments, transform fear into prudence, pain into transformation, and obstacles into opportunity.

Harness the power of intermittent fasting and nutritional basics with American physician Dr. Ian Smith.

Learn what makes startup companies thrive from investor Brad Feld and analyst Ian Hathaway.

Join Nir Eyal to get the best out of technology- without letting it get the best of you.

Learn the parallels between rocket science and work/life successes with rocket scientist Ozan Varol.

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