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The daily hiitide experience includes our private and supported community, personal lessons to develop and apply new skills, and intimate LIVE Q&As with your favorite Authors.

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Exclusive one-of-a-kind daily lessons

Learn and apply daily skills through videos and interactive thought exercises.

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Join LIVE Q&A with your favorite Authors

Have your specific questions answered, via two-way conversations with experts & members.

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Private & interactive learning communities

Imagine a private virtual workshop where your favorite authors give exclusive lessons for you and your friends

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Ask questions the book couldn’t answer

Interact with courses and apply the lessons anywhere, here you come to live the principles you learn

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1% better every day

That’s just 14 minutes. 

The 1% Better Model – You’ll engage in a new exercise every day that takes no more than 14 minutes (1% of your day) — think journal prompts, problem-solving exercises, short reflections, and even “share requests” where you’re asked to share your thoughts with your peers in a private workshop.  Each element is designed to keep you interested, involved, and on your toes.

You can learn some of these skills elsewhere, hiitide is where you come to live them.   The tools and team to make learning a lifestyle.

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Translate wisdom into a daily practice that empowers you & those around you to grow, 1% better every day.


Join a team that translates your wisdom into a sustainable, impact-driven business.

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Be a part of a movement of growth-seekers ready to change the world.

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book reviews on superdrive

Microdose Bestsellers​

Weekly Cliff Notes & Tools from our Favorite Books Evidence-based methods translated into daily practices, journals, reflections, and discussions that transform how we approach ourselves and one another.  

What you’ll get: Chapter Summaries, Key Insights, What We Learned, Questions for Your Journal, and Question to Discuss with Others