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“hiitide set out to turn books into these bite-size 14 minutes lessons, exercises, journals, & group discussions that are easier to integrate into your life” 

In this interview, Good Day Chicago speaks with our CEO, Evan Shy, about what hiitide is, the power of virtual book clubs, & what the future holds for both authors & readers. The interview took place live at 7:30 AM CST, March 6th on FOX 32.  

“I think the measure of good content is easily measured by how eager a person is to engage. When I woke up every morning I couldn’t wait to check-in and see what my next assignment was going to be.” -Alisa M (hiitide hero)

About Evan Shy

As a published author, scientist, and the founder and CEO of hiitide, Evan has earned experience building teams and technology that help people live positively, better.  Growing up in a family of professional athletes and entrepreneurs, Evan started his first business before leaving high school and would go on to found a number of wellness businesses while conducting physiology research and teaching at the University of Illinois at Champaign. His research has been published across scientific journals, college textbooks, and our own titles.

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