Earn a new 6-figures with 
done-for-you virtual book clubs.

We create and manage virtual book clubs to help authors sell more books,
make more income, and engage new loyal readers.

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The author’s experience

Learn how our done-for-you service builds a value-driven curriculum that attracts and retains new readers for the long-term.

We Execute Step-by-Step

Time to stop doing so much and focus on the little things that make a BIG IMPACT.
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Our curriculum design team performs an analysis to extract the most essential messages from your book.


Our team creates a 4 or 6-week curriculum of lessons, exercises, and discussions delivered in short precise bites, easy to integrate into the reader’s lives.

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Our team creates the entire package from marketing, sales page, and curriculum for you to attract, convert, and retain readers, for good.


You just tune in for two virtual Q&As from anywhere in the world.

A Fully Managed Experience

Day One, our team meets you on zoom ready to immerse in your story, extracting and executing the little details that make your mission so important.
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Sell More Books

We guarantee you sell more books, ebooks, audiobooks


Mobile Application

We transform words into daily lessons and group discussions

Other formats

We create supporting material exclusive to your book club

Hear from our Authors

“…they grow my audience, build my brand, keep me relevant and bring me new readers.” Dr. Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith, M.D., 3 x #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

“For years I’ve been looking for a platform to help me grow my audience, build my brand, keep me relevant and bring me new readers. Hiitide’s virtual book club is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  They take my book and create a curriculum, breaking it down spending hours and hours making sure that people who are a part of the book club are getting something valuable.”   

Mark Groves, TEDx Speaker, Founder of Create The Love

“Working with the hiitide team and Evan has been nothing short of spectacular. They are not only a great support system with brilliant strategy ideas, but also incredible at implementing and executing ideas faster then I can even think of new ones. My expectations have been far exceeded and I’m pumped to continue to see what we can build together!”

Colin Egglesfield, Author of Agile Artist and American Actor

“It provided a way to grow awareness of my book, interact with fans to cultivate more of a loyal following and provide a lot of people with inspiration, motivation, insight, self-awareness and connection with a worldwide community. Many of the people who met still interact today. Hiitide does most of the work too with regards to setting up the interactive exercises and set up, planning, etc and everyone I worked with was nothing but the nicest, most professional and fun to work people. Evan and his team have really put something special together and they make it very easy for us to step in and do what we do best which is to tell our stories and having a positive impact on others. :)”

By the Numbers

Numbers below do not include book sales

Book Club Host


book club revenue before hiitide


members generated from book clubs


book club revenue

Book Club Host


book club revenue before hiitide


members generated from book clubs


book club revenue

The Experience for Members

Hear From Our Members

“A life-changing experience in a community of like-minded people. This book club has been more than just discussing what we’ve read. It’s been a catalyst for change. With exercises every day focused to mind, body & soul, I have been able to focus and work on my goals one day at a time. Highly recommend!”​
“My experience with this Book Club has been phenomenal! Instead of just being a Book Club where we read and discuss Agile Artist, we have the luxury of being able to interact daily and apply Colin’s experience and wisdom to our lives.”
“The sense of being a part of a community and caring and sharing, uplifting and supporting, cheering for each other is an incredible feeling. I would call it the best place to be in, The Healing Circle.”

Who we work with

Every author is important but we’re a tight team on a big mission so we only accept a limited number of authors at a time.  We give our ALL, so our partners don’t have too.


Once you approve of the curriculum we’ve created, you show up for two virtual Keynotes or Q&A’s and receive payment for each book club.  It really is that easy.   

Here is a brief overview that explains what we do: Google Drive PDF

Our current average book club participation is 795 participants.   But this is a new offering and that is over a relatively small number of book clubs.

Although we promote across our channels and create all the materials for you, it depends on your willingness to support promoting with your audience as well.   

Of course not.  We would agree to the frequency and messaging of promotion far in advance.   We view this as a partnership, one we both need to feel comfortable, confident, and excited about throughout the process.

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