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We create and manage virtual book clubs, complete with professionally-crafted modules and lessons based on YOUR book.

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I could not be more pleased. hiitide did what they said they were going to do… That is everything to me. They care.

Byron Katie
Bestselling Author, Teacher and Speaker


“hiitide’s virtual book club is exactly what I’ve been looking for to grow my audience, build my brand, keep me relevant and bring me new readers.”

Dr. Ian K. Smith, M.D.
3x New York Times Bestselling Author


This is way deeper and more beneficial than any book club I have ever heard of and I am getting so much out of it.”

Book Clubber
hiitide member

Our author's experience

Learn how our done-for-you service builds a value-driven curriculum that attracts, and retains, new readers for the long-term.

What is a
Virtual Book Club?

What is an Online Book Club?

A hiitide Virtual Book Club provides
the accessibility of a book with the value of a course. 

VBCs not only drive book sales, but provide a platform to build an engaged community that can follow you to future products.

Drives Book Sales

Each member that enrolls will purchase a book- the more members, the more sales.

Builds Author's Platform

Capture unique customer insights & data to build a platform your own.

Converts to Other Products

Our book clubs serve as a valuable halfway point between an author’s book and other higher-ticket offerings.

Our process

Analysis & Positioning

Programming Design

Launch & Grow

Virtual Q&A's

Who we work with


Subject-matter experts that write about their own research or experience in personal and professional development to grow an engaged community of 1,000 True Fans.

Established Authors

New Authors

Hear from our authors

The Book Clubber's Experience

Each book club contains 28 days of tailored lessons, journals, and guided group discussions for YOUR readers.

Private Space

No feeds, ads, or fake news, just authors and readers.

Daily MicroDose

Members have a personal calendar of tailored content.

<14min Lessons & Exercises

We create new lessons and reflections to create more value.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Members have a private space to give and receive support.

What our book clubbers are saying



Once you approve of the curriculum we’ve created, you show up for two virtual Keynotes or Q&A’s and receive payment for each book club.  It really is that easy.   

Here is a brief overview that explains what we do: Google Drive PDF

Although we promote across our channels and create all the materials for you, it depends on your willingness to support promoting with your audience as well.   

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