hii, welcome to hiitide

hiitide is an E-learning platform that takes the world’s wisdom discovered, studied and written by authors and experts, distilled into key insights and bite sized lessons in 14 minutes or less. We believe that self improvement doesn’t happen overnight but instead, it happens in small increments sustained consistently over time. We aim to help others learn and grow 1% everyday. 

Our goal is to help people transform their lives by making the content they already want to read or listen more actionable.  Teaching them not just the what and the why, but the how. 

Our company is a little different than many other tech companies in the market today. We are a primarily female run business with 72% of our team being women. In the male dominated world of Ed-Tech, we, like Beyonce,  argue that women in power produce excellence — who runs the world? girls! Many of our team members have had successful careers in academia prior to their time at hiitide and have made the switch to our new way of learning. Giving hiitide their wealth of educational resources to impact members’ learning and increase the value of each and every lesson. At hiitide, we challenge dated norms by implementing an inclusive and diverse work culture that has helped our organization stay open to ideas, receptive, communicative and always ready to take action.  

Many of our team members have described our fast-paced environment as creative, inspiring, transformative and collaborative. This company culture emanates in the way we work with authors, the content we create, curriculum design and our user interactions.

As a company, we are proud to state that we do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, gender, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, political beliefs or any other discriminatory reason. However, we will not be accepting applications from children under the age of 18 at this time. 

We solely base our hiring off of character, ability, organizational fit, willingness, attitude and experience. 


Knowledge and Wisdom is the Key to Growth

  • Knowledge can help an employee learn to do their work more effectively
  • Wisdom can guide a broken heart to new horizons
  • Knowledge can help a striving entrepreneur make the breakthrough he or she has been looking for
  • Wisdom can show the way for how to speak, act and live

We believe that these pillars of learning are keys to inspiring change in people’s lives and empowering them to grow. We aim to help people reach their potential, to expand their abilities, to dream bigger, to work smarter and overall make the world around them a better place. 


Our story

Evan Shy, Founder and CEO is a lifelong entrepreneur but, even more, he’s an insatiable reader. Loving to connect with people over books he began the journey to building hiitide. But, it wasn’t an easy road. 

During his time as a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois, he was looking for ways to make his research more accessible for the people who could benefit from it.   He tried to jump from academic publishing to the general population in order to reach those people. Fortunately, he failed and lost thousands of dollars in the process. But, it led him to start hiitide to fix this problem. 

The idea was to turn a book into key insights and actionable lessons that were easily integrated into your daily life.  Almost immediately, he saw the value it provided his would-be readers and himself as an author and business owner.  



Today more than ever we realize how much we are all struggling to find time to invest in ourselves, whether exercising or reading.  Netflix, podcasts and many of our modern applications are all meant for passive consumption. At hiitide we maintain the belief that people want more. We all want to make time for exercise, for reading and for acquiring new knowledge, wisdom and skills. Therefore, hiitide was born to help busy people, who want to make the time in their lives to get the most essential downloads directly from experts. 

We’ve effectively turned thousands of hours into bite-sized actionable lessons, with journal prompts.and other activities that are meant to bring the most essential information right to the user in a way that they can apply to their lives. Working side by side with experts and authors, we aim to give the highest quality of information to our users. 

It all started with a dream of bringing knowledge to the world outside of academia and an awakening to the challenges in doing so. Now, we are turning that first hiccup into an E-learning tool that will help people all around the world. We are aiming to interrupt the way people learn from experts by making it faster, more effective and with greater utility. Simultaneously, surpassing all the hoops and ladders that experts have to jump through just to get published. Making the experience more effective for all parties.