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Books are the largest repository of unrealized value in the world.

For millennia teams of smart people dedicate thousands of hours to condense decades or even centuries of knowledge into a few hundred pages.  

The problem is that physical books are optimized for transactions and audiobooks for consumption, neither for application. 

Unsurprisingly most books go unread.

Authors lose thousands of dollars & hours in the project of publishing a book.
Readers miss the transformative value in books they never put into action. 

Imagine a world where the wisdom in books is translated into a shared daily practice capable of transforming how we approach ourselves and one another.

Meet the Team
Helping Create that World

hiitide is an unapologetically positive team of curriculum designers, copywriters, engineers, book-nerds, spiritual-avengers, and aspiring ninjas who obsess over books and authors that change how we approach ourselves and one another.  We champion our partners by researching, designing, and producing virtual book clubs and workshops to help authors impact more people, for good.

Evan S.

Founder & CEO

Amy W.

Curriculum Project Manager

Ryan S.

VP of Operations

Becket F.

Book Club Marketing

Javier O.

UI/UX Design & Development (Futurehaus Partner)

Molly S.

Host Activation Manager

Cristina M.

Customer Experience

Ashley P.

Curriculum Designer

Amanda Popovski hiitide
Amanda P.

Web Developer

Jackie Hackett

Curriculum Designer

Kara Hutchinson

Curriculum Designer

Jennifer Riccardi

Curriculum Designer

Jess Reveles

Curriculum Designer

Lily D.

Senior Curriculum Designer
& Quality Manager

Luke B.

New Partnerships Manager

Norris S.


Tim T.

Website Developer

Taylor M.

Senior Curriculum Designer

Zoë Cooper

Curriculum Designer

Payten Jackson

Community Manager

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Some of Our Proud Partners

Meet our hiitide family and the ecosystem of authors, thought leaders, change agents, and dynamic organizations that profoundly impact the lives of those we deliver knowledge to.

Salt & Light Coalition
Mobilizing individuals and organizations to heal, educate, and empower youth and women in the fight against slavery.
Empowering the industry with wellness-focused data technlogy.
Dr. Ian K. Smith

Dr. Ian’s World

Mind Over Weight

Dr. Laura Koniver

The Earth Prescription

Dr. Jill Stoddard

Be Mighty

Zach Brittle

Marriage Therapy Journal

Colin Egglesfield

The Agile Artist

Robin Ducharme

Real Love Ready Virtual Summit

Sarah McCrum

Love Money Money Loves You

Mike Aidala
Movement Specialist / Lifestyle Coach NFPT, FRC, CHEK, RYT
Ashley Poladian
Holistic Lifestyle Expert
Alysha Flynn
Holistic Lifestyle Expert
Amy Purdy

On My Own Two Feet

Aleeza Ben Shalom

Virtual Dating

Amy Westbrook

Souled Out

Daniel Bruce Levin

The Mosaic

Manon Mathews

Funny How It Works Out

Brave Enough
Jessie Diggins

Brave Enough

Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Loving Bravely

Taking Sexy Back

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

The Blindspots Between Us

Byron Katie

Loving What Is

Anthony Trucks

Mindset Coach and Speaker

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