Begin Manifesting The Wealth And Abundance You Deserve with Genevieve Davis

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“Within you and every other person is the seed of Magic. I believe every one of us can use this inner Magic to create an exceptional life.”- Genevieve Davis

Genevieve Davis is a British author who writes about using manifestation and magic to create our best life. Genevieve is also a hiitide partner and this is a peek into our 28-day micro-course on her book, Becoming Rich: A Method For Manifesting Exceptional Wealth.

Learn more about the author:

When I was a child, I could do Magic. I felt powerful, confident, immortal, with an underlying sense of goodness, positivity and an innate power to affect everything around me. At some point, and for the next 30 years, I forgot all about Magic. I forgot how to do it. My life became dull, poor and ordinary. 

Now, having rekindled the fire of Magic once again, I have successfully used it to turn my entire life around in an almost miraculous fashion. In my books, I show you how to do the same. 

I’m British, down to earth, straightforward and not at all your usual paragon of spiritual loveliness. I drink too much coffee, eat too much of everything and laugh at rude jokes. 

I also love animals as much as people, even the rats…

Genevieve has found a way to bring magic back into her world and can show you how to do the same. She teaches people how to manifest abundance and use magic to empower their lives. 


Below, she gives us a clear depiction what this change looks like:

Now, I wake up every morning, summer and winter, to the sound of seagulls. I live so close to the sea that in the summer, seagulls nest on our roof. In the winter they shelter there from the harsh weather. I bought this house a couple of years ago and still, I can scarcely believe this house is actually mine, with its huge bright loft conversion looking out across the sea, its original Victorian oak floors and its cosy log burning stove. I live here with my partner, Mike and my two Siamese cats, Tiger Lily and Rumpelstiltskin. My son lives nearby with his partner and my tiny new-born granddaughter. My mother lives a short walk away. I have all my loved ones living within minutes of me.

I could sleep in till 11am if I wanted. But I never do. I do my best work at this time of day, and I can’t wait to get to the office. I am dressed and out the door in less than half an hour. I don’t need to drive to work, so I walk past my Aston Martin DB7 with a little smile. Its beauty never fails to take my breath away. As I walk down the street, the neighbours wish me a good morning. Such a safe and friendly community.

I have several different offices in which I can choose to work – all of them coffee shops. Today, I have chosen a local independent café that serves the best almond croissants in the world. With a large Americano and an almond croissant, sitting at my favourite table, I open my laptop and start my working day.

I write every morning, weekends included, for three hours. This is the very best time of day for me. I’m writing, I have coffee and food, and all is well with the world. For those first three hours of the day, I am in paradise, in communion with something greater, with some great wisdom, and nothing can touch me.

Almost every day I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the life I have created. 

But it wasn’t always this way…

Just a few years ago… misery.

Just a few years ago, I was in a very different situation indeed. I was single, overweight, the wrong side of forty and living in a minuscule flat with a bedroom so small I could only fit a single bed in it. The light fittings were mostly broken, the shower and the oven didn’t work and I had no carpet on the floor – just stick-on vinyl tiles onto the cold concrete underneath.

At this time, I was also horrendously in debt and working in a dead-end, unskilled job for minimum wage. My mornings started at 5am, when the blaring alarm would rudely interrupt my dreams. I’d rush out the door while it was still dark. I’d drive my beaten-up Ford Ka to my job at a factory, where I would pack boxes twelve hours a day, six days a week for £6 an hour. I would drive home after twelve backbreaking hours, eat and fall asleep. At 5am next morning it would start all over again. This was my life. I would spend my one day off alone, watching television, wrapped in a blanket to save on heating. I was overworked, exhausted, unhappy and desperately poor. And it seemed I was stuck in this life. Stuck, and getting older. 

So what happened, what on earth did I do to effect this incredible turnaround?

I used Magic.

Genevieve used magic to manifest the life she so desired. She found a way to get out of her rut, change her circumstances and move into a new paradigm. Her story is a story of hope. It gives us hope that we too can make the changes we need to live a life we desire. That we can manifest our dreams into reality and break from the chains of a life that leaves us exhausted, unfulfilled and without a spark. 

To start the journey with Genevieve and begin manifesting the wealth and abundance you deserve, check out the first lesson from her micro-course with hiitide. 


Lesson One

Check out this video to get started!

In Chapter 1, Genevieve vulnerably describes her journey from rags to riches and provides context for the book. She challenges you to think about your experiences and your intent for embarking on this journey, saying “so don’t just follow the instructions – try to live the instructions.” Chapter 1 Genevieve Davis

As we progress through the Becoming Rich micro-course, notice how applying the teachings in this book affects you – how does this change your energy, situation, and ultimately your finances?

Genevieve’s advice: Rather than attempting to do magic on the world through waving a wand saying a magic word, the real way to success is to become Magic yourself and let that reflect back on to you.

Reflection Prompts

Grab a journal and pen or up your notes on your phone to answer the reflection questions.

What has prevented you from manifesting wealth in the past?

It’s not always as simple as a 4 step process to manifest wealth into your life. What makes you believe you are ready to explore manifesting wealth?

Did you enjoy that? There’s much more when you join one of our 28 day micro courses

Agenda for the entire course:

Week 1: How does this work?

Week 2: Preparing to Feel Richer

Week 3: Practical Steps for Manifesting Wealth

Week 4: Being the Person You Want to Be

While the Becoming Rich micro-course is not currently available, you can subscribe to our Newsletter to be notified of all hiitide launches, returns and news.

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