Find Hope, Faith And Love In A New Way By Asking These Questions With Jennie Lee

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Life is Crazy!

For so many of us, life has been more confusing than ever. During times like these we can feel lost, without purpose and like we need more. With a sense of disconnection from others, we may feel that same disconnect within ourselves. However, it’s not time to quit or give up. It’s time to search for the right questions, the ones that will help us find the answers we are looking for and put our lives on track. When we ask the right questions, we have a chance to regain what’s been lost, find hope, faith and love in a new and even more profound way. 

So, what are those questions?  

Jennie Lee, Nautilus Book Award-winning Author of Spark Change, Spiritual Life Coach and Yoga Therapist has the questions we’ve been looking for. In fact, she has 108 of them! But, we can’t ask them if we don’t take the first step and invite Jennie into our lives. 

Luckily, Jennie is a hiitide partner and her micro-course with hiitide is available every month. Check it out here.

Meet author, Jennie Lee.

Years ago my life was anything but joyful. I had a rocky marriage, a colicky baby, an unstable career, and no sense of purpose. To make sense of it all and to try to find meaning, I started studying spiritual psychology and yoga philosophy. Eventually, I developed a coaching practice, combining the best of my spiritual psychology training with the centuries old wisdom of the classical yoga teachings. This is the basis of my Spiritual Coaching /Yoga Therapy through which I help others find hope, faith and love.

I believe that this all begins with the right questions.

By asking the right questions, we find the right answers. My book, SPARK CHANGE has 108 of them! I ask a lot in my coaching sessions. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Who are you?

I am a wife, mom, friend, writer, teacher, student, meditator, surfer and hiker. But I am also love, light, energy, laughter, joy, breath, spirit, stillness and so much more.

What Gives Your Life Meaning?

Practicing love at full capacity, serving in the best ways I can and continuously striving to evolve spiritually.

What do you know for sure?

I know we are one big human family in this crazy journey of life together. I know change is not easy for anyone, but when we are really ready, it can happen in an instant. Most importantly, I know that we find joy when we act only, and always, from Love.

What are you committed to?

My deepest commitment is to spiritual growth, my marriage, and parenting – which to me are all one in the same. They are the journey of awakening, the challenge of compassion and the path of pure devotion.

Now some questions for you…

Are you ready for a greater connection to self, others and Spirit?

If you are, I will be a great coach, fearlessly honest and gently challenging to keep you accountable. You can expect inspiration to move toward greater levels of authenticity, resilience, and compassion, all with a spiritual focus for your optimal integration and wellbeing.

What is holding you back?

Together we will build on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. I will help you release any patterns, habits or beliefs that keep you from living a full capacity life. I promise, you can heal the pain of the past, cope with the stress of today and launch into a new level of loving life!

Do you want to live in fear and anxiety or courage and power?

My approach to coaching is non-conventional and multidimensional, grounded in mind-body and spiritual practices.  If personal transformation is your goal, I will provide practical tools, a lot of encouragement, and of course a soft shoulder.

What is your creative gift and purpose?

If you don’t know the answer, let’s discover it together. I will hold the space for you to remember your divine essence and its reason for being. You are here for big things, much love, and a lot of joy!

To get direct coaching and support from Jennie, check out her website to see all of her offerings.

Having a guide like Jennie, who has lived a life of struggle, rocky relationships and hardship and still found a way to transform, to heal, to love and help others is invaluable. There’s an age old saying, “If you want to learn something, ask the people who have already done it.” In the case of spiritual and holistic transformation, Jennie is the expert who we should be looking to for inspiration. 

If you’re wondering, why take a dive into Spark Change, an article written by Everyday Power highlights some benefits of finding your purpose.

  • An unlimited supply of fulfillment
  • Direction, guidance and comfort through hard times
  • Endless motivation to add more value and accomplish more success
  • Living with purpose brings a powerful sense of aliveness


When we work through some of the drudgery of life, connect deeper into ourselves and align with higher values, we find ourselves ready to take on life’s challenges. Many think that once they find their purpose, life all the sudden stops handing out challenges, but sadly it doesn’t. But, with a greater sense of self and purpose, all those challenges become easier to navigate, more meaningful and worthwhile. 

Jennie’s work in Spark Change is created to make your life better. To help you find what you know your soul needs and unleash the power you’ve been storing inside. The question we need to ask ourselves is not, “why should I take the course, it’s why not?” We have nothing to lose and so much to gain from the wisdom inside the book and more importantly, inside ourselves.

Here’s what you’ll get from Jennie’s micro-course with hiitide.

  • Tap into your soul’s wisdom
  • Learn to ask and answer life-changing questions
  • Deepen the connection to your inner truth
  • Establish powerful micro-habits for spiritual growth
Want to try a lesson for free? Keep scrolling!

SUCCESS Magazine’s, Stephanie Wood wrote an article: Answer 6 Questions to Reveal Your Life Purpose. Here’s a way to consolidate that information into a personal mission statement designed to drive your actions, behaviors and habits in the right direction.

Your Personal Mission Statement:

By reviewing the kind of person you are and the abilities that come naturally to you, even if they got you into trouble in the past, you can gain insight into your life purpose, says psychotherapist Tina Tessina, Ph.D., author of The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make after Forty. Do so by writing down a list of descriptions about yourself in each of the following categories:

  1. Personal qualities (e.g., friendly, intellectual, a good communicator)
  2. Your talents (e.g., painting, motivating people by public speaking, athletics, mentoring)
  3. The circumstances that tend to repeat in your life (e.g., do you wind up teaching others, listening to people’s problems, working with children or technology?)
  4. Your desires (e.g., traveling, cleaning up the environment, running for political office)


Then take the answer that is most important to you in each category and complete the following sentence:

I ________________ (your name) am designed to be a ________________ (insert personal quality) who can ________________ (insert talent) and I find myself ________________ (fill in recurring patterns or circumstances) often, because I am supposed to ________________ (desire).


I, the President of the U.S., (your name) am designed to be a good communicator (personal quality) who can motivate people through my speeches (talent) and I often find myself listening to people’s problems (recurring patterns or circumstances) because I am supposed to run for office and improve their circumstances (desire).

Your Turn!

Take out a pen and piece of paper, open a journal or the notes in your phone to get started*

  • Write out your personal mission statement using the structure above.

To take more from this course, click here.

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