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Dear hiitide community,

The murder of George Floyd was a tipping point for America, and the world, to finally take action and demand justice be brought to an unjust system, a system that was crafted and maintained over 400 years to protect and preserve inequality. While time and again we have witnessed the murder of our citizens at the hands of those we pay to protect and serve, accountability was rarely held. We were aware of this injustice, yet we turned a blind eye, ignored our role in the injustice, or felt paralyzed by how to address an issue so politically and culturally embedded. It has been difficult to confront but it’s a reality too many of us have been forced to live with every single day.

Now, moved by collective action, we are witnessing an awakening and mass mobilization different from what was seen in generations before us, as our nation discovers the courage to demand an end to the infectious injustice that has been intentionally rooted throughout a system that is not just a departure from, but an outright repudiation of, the ideals it swears to uphold.

But this test will be one of endurance. It will require our eyes wide open.

This is precisely why hiitide reinforces, right now, a position that we’ve always had: education changes hearts and minds, and our purpose is to deliver wisdom that transforms how we approach ourselves and one another.

During this time of revolutionary action, we have been strategizing a progressive and dynamic path forward that will ensure durable progress by funding urgent policy change alongside generating new, active participants in the effort to put an end to racism and social injustice.

This is not a moment in time for us, this is an ongoing movement that we will continue to prioritize, expand, and enrich. hiitide’s anti-racism platform presently includes the following and will continue to be molded as additional needs are identified:

  1. Partnerships with political organizations that are actively pursuing immediate policy change and facilitating anti-racist work.
  2. The development of an Anti-racist Education Program through our adaptive microlearning virtual book clubs and workshops.
  3. A commitment to partnering with under-represented minority Authors to facilitate, introduce, and support their work.
  4. Ensuring a low barrier to education through our commitment to cost accessibility for our virtual book clubs and workshops.
  5. Partnerships with activists and social justice leaders to help us build on our work and identify opportunities to activate our members and community.

It is through our collective commitment to this work, and your courage to BE the rising tide in your life and the lives of those you love by having the courage to embark on a journey of awareness, education, and consistent action.

Together, we will drown out the voices committed to preventing our progress as a nation and put an end to the complicit silence that feeds the cycle of injustice.

1% better every day,

Evan Shy
Founder & CEO of hiitide

Resources to Learn and Activate

Resources to Learn

  1. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption: Amazon
  2. Stamped from the Beginning: Amazon
  3. White Fragility: Amazon

Resources to take Action

  1. Campaign ZERO: website
  2. Equal Justice Initiative: website 

Additional Considerations:

  1. Black Futures Lab
  2. Center for Policing Equity 
  3. Movement for Black Lives
  4. National Black Justice Coalition

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