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Mark Groves | Alexandra Solomon, PhD


Guided Reading Experience
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Dedicated Create The Love Coach
Supportive & Private Community
Live Q&A with Mark & Dr. Solomon


Sexual Self-Awareness
Erotic Intelligence
Authentic Connections
Empowered Communication
Boundary Setting

It’s time for a new sexual revolution.

Today’s sexual climate leaves little to no space for honoring the complexities of sex—sex as pleasure, connection, creative expression, communication, and healing. This unparalleled Book Club experience will guide you to identify which sexual choices feel authentic, pleasurable, and joyful, and which ones leave you feeling “less-than.” Imagine a groundbreaking, virtual guide into deepening your connection to yourself, honoring your desires, and cultivating authentic intimate connections, regardless of your gender or current relationship status. You’ll learn to cultivate your own sexual self-awareness to help you create sexual experiences that elevate, connect, expand, and heal you.


Meet Mark

My brain and heart are home to a lot of relationship nerding-out. Here’s the deepest truth I (currently) know: I’m not here to eff around on this planet during this lifetime. I don’t want to “kinda” do things. I am here to rock the boat. I’m here to share my truth. And I’m here to hang out with other people who are committed to the same way of living. I’m a Human Connection Specialist—an emotional translator, writer, speaker, and coach. My passion is to help people understand their emotional matrix by mastering themselves through their words. At Create The Love, we take what you think you want, find out what you really want, and give you the tools to achieve your goals. I want to make note that the book is written to women, however as a man, I loved it, and it gave me immense insight into sex, sexuality, and understanding myself & my romantic relationships more fully. There is a chapter dedicated specifically to men, AND, if you are a man, it will walk you fully through your own sexual journey and broaden your understanding of women’s experiences as well as their challenges. There are only positive results from educating ourselves on sex and sexuality, and it is imperative we learn about the human experience, as well as our own.


Human Connection Specialist
TEDX Speaker



What You'll Get

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Unique Learning Experience

A 6 week guided reading experience around Taking Sexy Back: How to Own Your Sexuality & Create The Relationships You Want by Dr. Alexandra Solomon, complemented with daily videos, articles, meditations, journaling, affirmations, and more, starting February 3rd.

Unparalleled Community

A private, virtual community of fellow Create The Lovers to share and grow with, learn from, and be inspired by. This is a supportive, positive community of like-minded individuals on the same journey as you, only accessible by book club members on the hiitide app.

Real Time Support

Guidance and overall support from coach Nick Sol on your journey to Taking Sexy Back, 2 group discussions to meet with others, share real experiences, and feel connected, and 2 Live Q&A’s with Mark Groves and Dr. Solomon where you can submit any questions.

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Taking Sexy Back Book Club

$42.00 / one time charge

6 weeks of guided reading experience with additional content, videos, meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, and other transformative exercises (book sold separately)
2 Live Q&A's with Mark Groves & Dr. Alexandra Solomon
Weekly videos from Mark diving deeper into the topics in your assigned reading
Access to Nick Sol, certified Create The Love coach with 2 Live Group Discussions led by Nick
Private, positive, and powerful in-app community & safe space
Keep your content in the app even after the book club ends

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