Introducing: The Create The Love Community

Launching on August 19th!

My brain and heart are home to a lot of relationship nerding-out. I wanted to bring all of that nerding-out into an exclusive community so that we could nerd-out together.

This community is for those of you who don’t just want to dance on the surface of relationships.

This community is for those of you who are committed to becoming the best human you can be.

This community knows how important relationships are to our health and our wellbeing. We are committed to showing up, doing the relational work, and we will Never. Stop. Growing.

Here’s the deepest truth I (currently) know: I’m not here to eff around on this planet during this lifetime. I don’t want to “kinda” do things. I am here to rock the boat. I’m here to share my truth. And I’m here to hang out with other people who are committed to the same way of living.

We’re all students. We’re all teachers. And we all need each other.

The Create The Love membership is a tight-knit community with exclusive content to assist you in the growth you seek, from meditations, to journal prompts, to group discussions, and more mindful daily guidance. Our book clubs will deep dive into some of the best relationship books out there and live interviews with the authors. These interviews will be real and raw, with personal stories and takeaways from each of us.

Are you ready to go even deeper and take your relationship game to the next level?

Your Community. Your Expansion. Your Love.

  • Exclusive coaching content from me and my team of coaches
  • 3 book clubs/year—only members get access!
  • Early access to retreats and events
  • Sneak-peeks and early access to my brand new online courses
  • Special pricing on courses + access to events
  • Bi-weekly, private Q+A opportunities with me for the top 3 on the app leaderboard
  • Exclusive video interviews with writers and relationship experts
  • Monthly LIVE community Q+A events with me

You’ll have access to exclusive Create The Love content, support, and guidance along the way. There are so many extended benefits to joining the community, all designed to help you master your relationship with self as well as your relationships with others. The community is an excellent tool for growth, learning, and spending time with kindred spirits along the way.


FIRST UP: Eight Dates, by John and Julie Gottman

I decided to host our first book club with two of the world’s leading relationship experts, John & Julie Gottman: authors of the million-copy bestseller The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and founders of the world-renowned Love Lab. We’ll be diving into their book: Eight Dates: Essential Conversations For A Lifetime of Love.

This program of eight lively, conversation-based dates will result in a lifetime of understanding and commitment—whether you’re newly in love, or have been together for decades.

Eight Dates is like having two of the world’s leading relationship scientists at your table coaching you on how to address the topics—from trust, to money, to dreams—that make or break relationships.

What to Expect from this Book Club:

  • Eight Dates in Eight weeks (you do not have to be in a relationship!)
  • Exclusive interview & Q&A with John Gottman, author of Eight Dates
  • Kylie and I will be doing the 8 dates alongside you & providing bi-weekly video reviews of our experiences
  • A live Q&A Call with me
  • A ton of bonus content to delve into the Eight Dates on hot topics like Trust, Committment, Conflict, Sex & Intimacy, and more
  • Guidance through the process from your coaches—we’ll be answering all your questions and providing support along the way

Important: Please note that the Eight Dates program, along with the corresponding content we are sharing, is not intended to fix your relationship. It is intended to assist you in working through the way you approach, think about, react in, and operate in relationships. You will be supported by the content and your coaches, however, if you are seeking therapy, you can find a Gottman-trained therapist on the Gottman Referral Network.


Right now, I’m offering a LIMITED TIME opportunity to join my virtual community for only $28/month! The price will go up to $47/month for anyone who joins after August 25th.

The Create The Love community officially launches with our first book club on August 19th. The Book Club content will be released a week before the official start date of the 19th, and we will all start as a group on that date. You can join before the date, and will not get charged until August 19th. Please be sure to purchase a copy of the book by August 19th. If you join before the 19th, you will get instant access to the Create The Love community and guided content. Have more questions? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the FAQ!

Join the Create The Love Community!

Limited time intro price: $28/month!

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Your membership begins immediately after check-out and you will be emailed a receipt for $28. Billing takes on the same date each month, i.e. Aug 4-Sept 4. You can cancel at anytime by contacting – paying only for what you’ve been billed up to that point.

Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What do you receive as a part of the Book Club with the Gottman's?

The book club content includes a guided experience via Eight Dates (by John & Julie Gottman) in Eight weeks! There's a ton of curated content that goes with each weekly theme/date like: + Affirmations, sentence stems, journaling prompts, articles, videos bonus content made by the authors John and Julie Gottman + Go on the dates together with Mark and Kylie, who will be doing bi-weekly video updates (2 dates at a time!) +Exercises to do on the dates + Live Q&A's with Mark Groves + A live interview with The Gottmans + An awesome + supportive Coach Jon + Videos and guidance from Mark + A super supportive community of down to earth people just like you! It's a totally guided experience, rather than just assigning you pages to read! Plus, Mark Groves is there. What more can you ask for? ;)


Can I still join after the official Book Club start date of 8/19/19?

Yes! Yes! You can join the Create The Love Community anytime. If you choose to join during our first book club, anytime after 8/19/19, you will simply pick up right where we are, and you can navigate backwards into your calendar to see all the content, reading assignments, and more. The $28/month is a limited time offer, and the last date to get grandfathered into the $28 membership is August 25th (by EOD). The new membership price will be $47 for anyone who joins on the 26th or after.


Does the book Eight Dates come with the program, or does it need to be purchased separately?

The book does need to be purchased separately, click here to buy it via paperback or Kindle edition:


What does it mean to be a member of the Create The Love Book Club?

The Create The Love Book Club is an exclusive, digital community-led by Mark Groves, in partnership with well-known relationship experts and authors. Mark and his team will lead you through discussions, you’ll enjoy interviews, Q&As, bonus content, and a ton of positive practices to help you create more love in your life. The Book Club is also a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey as you are, so you'll be able to join in discussions together and share your stories. You can also keep in contact with Mark and his team through the direct messaging feature.


How do I know if my registration went through successfully?

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What happens after I sign-up? How do I get to the Create The Love App?

After check out, you’ll download the hiitide app onto your mobile device, and sign in using the email and password you typed above. Once you sign-in, you’ll have access to the private Create The Love community. iPhone: Android:


Can I update my payment information in the app?

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Is the hiitide app accessible on a computer? What about a tablet?

hiitide is a mobile app that is built to work on a mobile device like a cell phone or a tablet, where it can be conveniently accessed anywhere, anytime.


I forgot my password, what should I do?

Open up the hiitide app and tap “Forgot your Password?” It will direct you to a page where you can type in your email, and you will be emailed a link for a password reset.


I can’t log in. It says user not found.

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What are the cancellation terms?

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Does the membership auto-renew?

Your membership will auto-renew by charging the card you provide during sign-up. If you need to update your card, you can do so within the app by navigating to settings in the top left hamburger menu. If you need assistance, call us at ‪(202) 900-9778‬ or email us at


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