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What Runs You

As simple as running may be, running isn’t always easy for a beginner. It’s important to respect your current fitness level and start where you are. 1:1 Run coaching with Alysha Flynn will take you to the start line of your first or longest race with a training plan that includes your run schedule, strength workouts, fuel guide, team and 1:1 coaching. There is plenty of flexibility in Alysha’s plans to bump workouts and make adjustments to fit the needs of your training. 




Key Features


Easy-to-follow run training schedule tailored to your race or fitness goals.


Private bi-weekly, 20 minute coaching call w/ Alysha Flynn to ensure you're making progress and addressing any pain points you may be experiencing. 


Access to Alysha's coaching expertise to answer your training questions. 


What You'll Get

When you sign up for a
program, you’ll download the
hiitide app:

Run Plan

This is a 4-5 day per week run plan that includes pacing when appropriate. Typically scheduled M / W / F / Sun. 

Weight Training

Weight training using dumbbells with modifications for beginners - advanced. Typically scheduled M / T / W / TH / F or T / TH

Fuel Guide

Simple to follow instructions for fueling. Alysha can provide nutritional guidance on your bi-weekly 1:1 coaching call to teach you how to flex the plan for your dietary preferences. 


Meet Alysha

Alysha Flynn is passionate about helping her clients set their training intentions and follow through with them. She's always been protective of the beginner population. To her, beginners are people trying to start, get back into it or perhaps they have experienced a physical setback and are ready to start slowly. Her training plans prioritize the clients experience so that they can enjoy the process more and achieve new training milestones. 


B.S. Health Sciences | Nutrition, Exercise Science, Psychology
Master in Business Administration | Health/Health Care Mgmt
Certified Personal Trainer
Marathon athlete including Boston Marathon qualifier 10 x's + Ironman 70.3



Runner's World, USA Today, Podium Runner, TV2 Sports Blog, WFMZ TV, Pump The Bump


"I'm Trying to find a way to recap lasts weekends Marathon. Alysha Flynn did a way better job of capturing the moment then I could ever begin to. Trying to find the words to thank her is almost impossible. This goes so much further then just coaching. This was personal. (as you can tell by how much time was spent on the videos she made for me on social media). This was easily the single greatest physical challenge I have ever accomplished and probably the second biggest moment of my life. Its impossible to put a price on that. Alysha Flynn, and her husband, and I ran over 65 miles together over this last month or so. You learn a lot about people with that much time alone. They are amazing people. They both made my training experience so much more profound and emotional then I could have ever thought possible. And she still hasn’t stopped. Thank you so much for training me for my first marathon and beyond. Can’t wait for Broad Street." #whatrunsyou

Robbert Byers
Current Client, Social Media Testimonial

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